5 most interesting monuments from Bosnia and Herzegovina

05.08.2017 1439
1. An unusual monument to the Barit ore is located in Kreševo (two tons of heavy stone brambles conveyed from the mountain Vaganj). This oyster has torn many families. The exploitation of the Barit in the Kreševo area began in 1930, and was organized by a private entrepreneur Anton Slama. It lasted until 1942 when it was suspended for war events. After the Second World War, the company “Majdan Barit” Kreševo was founded, which exploits barit until 1990 and at that time becomes the leading producer of this ore in the territory of the former Yugoslavia. For these fewer than six decades, about 850,000 tons of baritas have been produced.slika 1 photo: http://www.jutarnji.hr
2. The Monument to The first light bulb -Semizovac near Sarajevo was the first place after New York, where thanks to Austro-Hungary, the first bullet was installed and worked. This happened in 1890, and 1895 light bulbs are being used in Sarajevo. Today, in Semizovac’s Primary School, “Family of Ef. Ramić”, stands the first light bulb monument in Bosnia and Herzegovina.2016-02-21 12.41.35 2016-02-21 12.41.08 2016-02-21 12.40.59
3. The only monument to the “Pie” is located in Šipovo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) -2019. The inhabitants of Šipovo municipality got a monument to this traditional and favorite dish (there are pies with meat, cheese, spinach, apple, etc.). – The mayor of Šipovo finished this monument in honor of 100 days of his rule.slika 3 duplo slika 3 photo:www.blic.rs
4. A monument of a private character in Sarajevo’s Alipašino Polje district – “For the mister Ivo raises by Gordana-his wife”. 05.08.2017 1757 05.08.2017 1755 05.08.2017 1756
5. Eternal flame or popular „a tire that burns“ – Monument in Sarajevo for all fallen victims during the liberation of the city of Sarajevo in World War II in April 1945.
05.08.2017 1438 05.08.2017 1439

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