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is run by the Nuoren Voiman Liitto Culture Association in Sysmä, southern Finland. Its residency is primarily designed to give emerging writers and translators the chance to focus on their work in a private and inspiring setting (a history of publication is not essential). Residency periods in Villa Sarkia are between one to three months. Applications for Autumn 2019 residencies close on 29 April.
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Get involved with the activities on NVL! We organise literature events, seminars, creative writing courses and publish Nuori Voima -magazine. Writing groups of different types gather in our premises, we maintain Villa Sarkia residence and organise a popular review service on literary texts. Our objective is to support amateur writers to become professionals, to form literary networks, offer meeting spaces for writers and readers alike as well as generally promoting the teaching of literature, creative writing and literary art in Finland.
Let´s keep in touch! Please find our contact details here
Villa Sarkia is a residence located in the centre of Sysmä for writers, translators, and work groups. Nuoren Voiman Liitto is in charge of the residency application process whereas the county of Sysmä looks over the maintenance of Villa Sarkia. The residence is primarily intended for under 40 year olds.
You can apply for the Villa Sarkia residence place for 1-3 months at a time. The living costs of the residence are covered for those chosen. The residents are expected to participate in one event organized in Finnish daycare, school, library or another event venue during their stay. Unfortunately we cannot pay the expenses that may occur from this participation.
The residence house has three rooms: two single rooms and one double. Communal area consists of living room, sauna, and a large garden. Villa Sarkia residency can accomodate up to 3-4 writers or translators at a time and it doesn’t hold any permanent staff.
The address of Villa Sarkia is Myllymäentie 1, 19700 Sysmä, Finland. There is about half a kilometre distance to the nearest coach stop and local grocery store and the library is walking distance. For more information about coach services to Sysmä please, visit Matkahuolto .
How to apply
The application deadline for autumn term (1.8.-31.12.) is 29.4. and for spring term (1.1.-30.6.) 31.10. In order to apply you need to fill in theapplication form in Finnish or English and attach max. 3 page work plan, your CV and possible recommendations. Please, send the form and attachments to laura.serkosalo@nuorenvoimanliitto.fi. The board members of Nuoren Voiman Liitto will make the selections for the residency. Suspended or cancelled residency places can be inquired from the office of NVL.
Did you get selected? You will receive an e-mail with more detailed information on e.g. key handover process and paperwork. Please, confirm your place to the executive director of Nuoren Voiman Liitto within two weeks after receiving the offer letter. You will receive full information package from how to arrive to Sysmä to the details of your residency period soon after.
The location and nature surrounding Villa Sarkia will guarantee a peaceful setting to work in. The guests may, depending on the time and their interests, get to know the local medieval cemetary, taste home-brew beer called sahti, or discover the hiking routes of Ohrasaari. The greetings left in the guest book paint a varied picture of experiences where merging into silence and nature is one of them. In November 2017 one guest author wrote the following: ” I started to develop a plot. What was supposed to be an ending became suddenly the beginning ”. In the peace of Villa Sarkia he kept asking his characters questions and by the time he returned home, the scripts had two new characters.
You may hear about the news of Villa Sarkia by following its blog: https://villasarkia.wordpress.com/
Welcome to Villa Sarkia!

Nuoren Voiman Liitto

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