Fish Factory Creative Centre (for writers and other artists)

Fish Factory Creative Centre is located in Stöðvarfjörður, a remote village in the East fjords of Iceland. It offers residencies of up to six months to writers as well as other artists. Fees apply which cover studio space, accommodation, access to facilities and workshops and transfers from the local airport.
The Residency is multi-disciplinary and open for most creative directions: Visual Art, New Media, Printmaking, Ceramic, Sculpture, Dance, Performing Arts, Land Art, Textile Art, Music, Literature, Crafts, Sustainable Design, Engineering & Photography.
The purpose of the program is to provide emerging and established artists, creatives, designers and progressive thinkers a port for free expression and a place to meet with other creative people in a small collaborative community. We offer a shared studio space (95 m2) for 6 Artists and one private studio (18.5 m2). The Centre has fully equipped wood & metal workshops, ceramic workshop, kitchen, small library, sewing workshop and a Concert hall. See more information about workshops and facilities HERE.
The duration of residencies is between 1 and 6 months (full calendar months, from the first to the last day of each month). If the Artist wants to lead a workshop, exhibit their works, hold a concert/perform or read poetry, we are up for most things.
It is worth to mention that two dogs, Tumi & Skotta, are “at work” in the Centre Centre most days and follow the Team Members around. Tumi & Skotta are very human friendly dogs and spread love and joy. They are not guest in the Artist Studios unless they are invited by Artists.
We speak: English, Icelandic and German.
Sköpunarmiðstöð SVF.
Bankastræti 1
755 Stöðvarfjörður
Email: info[at]inhere[dot]is
Phone: (+354) 537 0711

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Art Residency

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