BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment x TRINUS – We Want Your Creative Ideas to Make New ASOBI at ASOBIZA

Welcome both creators and players to join ASOBIZA by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment x TRINUS, Inc.! Let’s all get together at the new “ASOBIZA”!

ASOBIZA is where the new “asobi” (“play” in Japanese) get together and realize the games possible, the “ASOBI Co-Creation Platform” it is.

Now that we are in such a generation, what is the next “ASOBI”?

In what kind of place, what kind of people gather and how to play? What is different from past play? Do you use advanced technology or advocate a return to analog, the old school

Let’s create an “asobi” that no one has ever seen before with all the great power from you all! Hey there, won’t you like to join us?

How to Make an ASOBI

Become the creator of the new “ASOBI”, a chance to become famous with your name!

Please submit freely your idea and proposal for a brand new “ASOBI experience.” Submissions are accepted at any time. It is also possible to utilize “characters and game title (IP)” for your inspiration.

※ For more details on submission, please refer to the recruitment page.

Out of the excellent proposals, we will choose ones that can be realized!
Submitted works will be published publicly, and be evaluated and commented by TRINUS registered users. Based on the evaluation and comments, a brush-up submission is also acceptable. Based on evaluation results and feasibility etc., the jury will decide the the final adopted proposal.
※ Log in is required to view and evaluate the submitted works.

Bandai NAMCO Entertainment Inc. x TRINUS Inc
The adopted proposal will be proceeded to realization with the help from us.
Next, crowdfunding campaigns will be conducted.
When the chance to experience the new ASOBI is made possible, we will make an announcement. Don’t forget to come back and check out the site for more fun!
※ Log in is required to view and evaluate the submitted works.
The opportunity to realize your dream “ASOBI”

“I wish such an entertainment game exists!”
The “ASOBI” experience imagined and created by you. Please definitely share your ideas with us. We will take your ideas into serious discussion absolutely.

※ For more details on submission, please refer to the recruitment page.

A stage of your own
The posted project will be published and subject to vote and comment by other users.
Please also use it as a place to present your own ideas and designs.

※Regarding the standard of submissions that can be published, please refer to Q & A page.

Opportunity to win rewards
If your proposal submitted gets a high reputation and is adopted for the realization by the jury, as a reward, you will be able to receive part of the sales revenue as “royalty”.

※ For details on the amount and ratio of “prize” and “royalty”, please carefully check the application guidelines for each recruitment theme.

New ASOBI “Experience”
“Let’s make a new sport using AR!”
Thanks to your passion and the advanced technologies today, we are eagerly waiting for your new entertainment proposal.

Let’s make “devices” that are also an integral ASOBI experience
If there’s something (an equipment, certain goods, etc.) to create the new entertainment experience, please make sure to submit your proposal with the design of such device. TRINUS, with numerous manufacturing experiences, will make sure to realize your proposal.

Submissions utilizing “characters and game titles (IP)” are possible
A bit difficult to come up with ideas?
In that case, how about trying to plan “character or game title (IP)” as your creative inspiration? As usual, let’s pull the character behind the screen to the real world!

※ For available characters, please refer to the recruitment theme.

cash prize award: $ 130,000.00 USD

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