Umbrella – the miracle invention we all use

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It is considered that umbrella was invented in the XI century. It was invented by the Chinese, originally as the protection from the sun and sun radiation. People have always worshiped the sun as the greatest source of energy on planet Earth. Umbrellas were symbols of power and dignity. This product was used mostly by kings, whose servants would carry umbrellas to protect them from sunshades or rain. As far as Europe is concerned, umbrellas were used by ancient Greeks and Romans. It was spread over time throughout the European continent. In 1680 the umbrella arrives in France and England. The umbrella has maintained its shape throughout the century. Only the material for making was changed, as the umbrella was made to make the umbrella easier to hold and longer lasting. Mass production of umbrellas started only in the 20th century. There were street masters for umbrella repairs. They wore their handmade umbrella repair tools in their bags on their backs. They used to walk in around the streets and exclaimed with the same oral advert: “We repair umbrellas, we repair umbrellas.” So, you were able to repair your umbrella on the spot in your home for small steam. Unfortunately, this craft “umbrella repairman” is outdated. Today the market is flooded with umbrellas of all colors, shapes and designs, inexpensive and expensive, of quality and of less quality. One thing is for sure. This unusual and useful invention will still be in use for a long time.
Quality handmade umbrellas can still be purchased at some locations throughout the Balkans and its countries.
One of good example is a private manufacturer from Zagreb, Croatia (called „Cerovečki Kišobrani“). Their motto is: „Same as back in 1912, our high quality umbrellas and parasols are still being handmade with precision and love.“
The Šestine Umbrellas
The Šestine umbrella dates back to the mid 18th century. It is a part of the folk costume worn in the Šestine region of Zagreb and a recognizable souvenir of Croatia’s capital.

Contact details: Kišobrani Cerovečki
Ilica 49, 10000 Zagreb Tel: (01) 4847 417 e-mail:

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