5 best items we like from Switzerland

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1. Watches-Rolex, http://www.rolex.com, Patek Philippe, http://www.patek.com ; Swatch, http://www.swatch.com ; Maurice Lacroix, http://www.mauricelacroix.com ; Blancpain, http://www.blancpain.com ; Chopard, http://www.chopard.com ; Hublot, http://www.hublot.com ; Darwil, Mondaine,www.mondaine.com ; Piaget,www.piaget.com, TAG Heurer http://www.tagheurer.com etc., are just some of the famous and high quality Swiss watches. Hand or pocket watches and their basic function have long since shared the primacy with some other values. The world’s most expensive clock is the Breguet 1907 BA / 12 pocket watch that costs US $ 734,000. The clock case is made of 18-carat gold. This watch was made by the company Breguet, founded in 1977 by Abraham-Louis Breguet, a founder of the so-called Breguet. ‘Tourbillon’ mechanisms. Blancpain 1735 – costs 800,000 US $. It produces 30 copies of Blancpain watches. It is made by Swiss engineers. It is known as one of the most complex mechanical watches in the world. He has been spending more than six years on the finalization of his design. The housing is made of platinum and a crocodile leather strap. For example, Blancpain Turbillon Diamants is worth $ 1,800,000. The Swiss clock Piaget Emperador Temple is worth $ 3,300,000. It is a two hour clock connected to one. The outer clock case has 481 brilliant and 207 baguette diamonds. The inner clock case has 162 diamonds and 11 baguette diamonds. The belt has 350 baguette diamonds. Philippe Supercompilation is worth US $ 11 million, while the most expensive Chopard 201 Karat is worth $ 25 million. Chopard 201 Karat is a wristwatch, with 874 diamonds of different shapes, sizes and colors. There are three hearth diamonds, 15-carat pink, 12-carat blue and 11-carat white diamonds, which dominate this unique sculpture. In a wide range of offerings, there are also innovative models of legendary Swiss manufacturers that will delight all generations, and help you highlight your lifestyle. Swiss watch brands have a reliable and long-lasting quality of production. The bold design is complemented by advanced technology, which makes Swiss watches unique in the world.
2. Chocolate-production began in the 17th century, and today Swiss chocolate has become a national brand. Cailler from Vevey is the oldest brand among the chocolates (today’s Nestlé) .Suchard from Serrières (today’s Kraft foods) produces the famous Milka chocolate.Favarger from Geneva, Lindt from Bern, are just some of our favorite brands of these fine delicacies.slika 2
3. Cheeses-the Swiss proverb says “Everyone knows how to produce holes, but we only know how to produce cheeses.” Sir is the most famous and exceptionally high quality Swiss product created by the perfect co-operation between farmer and dairy industry. Swiss precision and restraint has always been the joke of neighboring states, but Swiss multiculturalism has always endured, especially in the gastronomic sense. The country of four languages and the mixing of influences does not have a huge number of cheeses like, for example, France, but most are protected and strictly controlled. Switzerland is the country of the largest cheeses. Some have a dozen, twenty kilograms. The famous Emmental cheese can be up to 120 kilograms. The stories say that the reason is the size of the cheese in the transport. On the mountains, large cheese is made, full of months. When time permits, he goes to the valley. Swiss practically. Allied cheeses are known. There are not many species, though you could think of it for a land of twenty cantons. The holes in the cheese are caused by bacteria that produce carbon dioxide. It is interesting that cheese producers can control holes by changing the temperature and acidity. So, holes are still being produced.American bureaucrats from the Ministry of Agriculture have been working holes in Emmentaler for several months. Under the pressure of the retailers, they accepted and labeled the “A” and the Emmentaler badges with less holes than previously prescribed. Namely, cheeses with large holes could not cut the machine properly. The 2001 bureaucrats published 15 pages of text on the size of the hole at Emmentaler, and they seriously challenged Citizens Against Government Waste, as well as the famous Gourmet magazine. “The only holes they should regulate are the holes in their heads!” Concluded the citizens. Emmental is a cheese from the Emme Valley valley in the canton of Bern, which is full of large round holes, and it ripens for 6 to 12 months. It should be weighing between 75 and 120 kilograms. The holes should be completely round, shapes of cherry or even walnut, never flattened. With Brie, Camembert Gaud, Emmental is one of the oldest cheeses, and one of the most famous cheeses in the world. They are copied to all continents, and is known for its “king of cheeses”.
Gruyere comes from the central western cantons. He was named after the village in the canton of Friborg. It is interesting that most Swiss cheese names get by village, region or canton. It has fewer holes, like peas, because it sticks and matures in colder conditions than Emmental. It is creamy and perfect for fondue.
Tilsit is a cheese from Northeast Switzerland. Strong taste and rustic flavor, is close to German Tilsiter, from which it originates. They put it in Gauda cheeses. It should not be too overwhelming because it becomes too strong and almost uncomfortable.
Sbrinz is the most famous “alpine” cheese and cheese that is most produced. It comes from Brienza, known for Wilhelm Tell, and has expanded as fast as the famous legend. The weight is about 40 kg and has the color of gold, which is the result of slow ripening. For at least 17 months. Fish on pasta, pasta, rice.
Appenzel was once produced in the canton of the same name. It is one of the oldest cheeses, with a tradition of over 700 years. It weighs 5-7 kilograms. The original sea in its midst bear a bear mark.
4. Suisse knifes-known as a officer or military knife is a multifunctional pocket knife, as it contains attachments (plugs, caps, … etc) except the knife. the accessories are placed inside the knife blade and are put into use by extrusion. The blade knife is usually red and the coat of arms of Switzerland is on it. His origins originated from Schwyz in Switzerland.
There are different models of Swiss knives, with different tool combinations for different tasks. The simplest include only a knife, and accessories that can be smaller knife, toothpicks, tweezers, bowser, can opener, stoppers, scissors, scissors, sawdust, hooks, magnifying glasses, etc. Newer knife versions include USB, digital clock, laser, MP3, etc.
The standard length of the Swiss knife is about 9 cm wide and the width is about 2 cm. Thickness depends on the amount of tools in it. Although red is standard, there are knives in other colors. (www.victorinox.com, http://www.swissearmy.com, http://www.swiss-knife.com, http://www.amazon.com)
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5. Suisse mountains and lakes-The Swiss country is surrounded by magnificent Alps and with more than 100 lakes. The largest lake is the Lake Geneva, bordering the neighboring France. Lake Geneva is a favorite summer resort for the rich and famous, where you can see the yachts that sail this lake every summer. Visitors can choose to cruise around the lake, and see the nearby castles and vineyards on the coast. On the other side of the country, more precisely at the border with Italy is Lake Lugano. The lake is surrounded by mountains. Monte Generoso is the highest mountain of about 1700 meters. Tourists usually use the funicular, from the village of Capolago to the top of the mountain, with an incredible panoramic view of the landscape. Lake Oeschinen is perfect for ice fishing, sledging and skating, because it fades during the winter months. The blue lake has a specific dark blue color and call it the most pale lake in Switzerland. It is located in Blausee Nature Park, and is a favorite destination for those looking for some piece and quite atmosphere.The famous Matterhorn mountain is definitely a place to visit. This mountain giant in the form of a pyramid is the most photographed mountain in the world and the most famous alpine peak. It is 4478 meters high. Tourists who want to experience the adventure, Matterhorn offers a variety of activities. The area around Matterhorn is the highest summer ski region in Europe. It is open 365 days a year. If you want to hike, you will enjoy a quiet and quiet landscape with a view of the beautiful Alpine landscape. The Matterhorn Mountain is on the cover of the famous Chocolate Toblerone.The world-famous natural phenomenon is Ruinault – the so-called “Grand Canyon of Switzerland”, which can be reached on foot, across the Rhine, by train or by bike. It is a very wooded area. River Rhine flows deep in the gully. The Raisin railway passes through a canyon where adventurers enjoy rafting. Others, who are not so bold, go to the sight of il Spir in order to enjoy the look that takes their breath away. If you want to spend seven hours on the road through some of the most beautiful mountain passes, you should embark on the Glacier Express. This train is also known as the “slowest train” in the world. There is a reason for this slow pace: the train runs through the Alps, travels 170 kilometers from Zermatt to St. Moritza, crosses over 291 bridges, and moves through 91 tunnels. The trains are equipped with modern dining areas and large windows to let the passengers see the spectacular scenery. The 1st and 2nd classes on the train have panoramic sealed windows all the way to the top. You do not have to travel alone with the Glacier Express if you want to enjoy the scenery of this route. On the same line there are regular train lines. Although, they do not offer panoramic windows and the same level of comfort, you can still admire the magnificent and almost untouched Swiss nature everywhere around you.
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