5 best wineries from Bosnia and Herzegovina

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1.Winery Andrija (near Čitluk) produce Žilavka and Blatina wines. Cellars (Winery) are owned by the Ćorić family. The host Miro says the old saying says ‘Always thirsty, never drunk’. The real beauty of Andrew’s wines is not only by reading their descriptions, but by tasting and moderate drinking. In order to experience it, come to the family winery Andrija in Paoča (close to the home of Our Lady of the Shrine in Medjugorje).
Gastro recommendation
Drink hot wine, prepared according to the instructions on the bottle.
Full in bottles of 1L.

BOSNA I HERCEGOVINA: Paoča 88260 Čitluk, Tel/fax: 00387 36 643 102, e-mail: info@podrumiandrija.com
HRVATSKA: Palinovečka 33, 10000 Zagreb, Tel/fax: +385 1 383 1000, e-mail: info@podrumiandrija.com

2.Winery Vukoje 1982 -Wines of Venetian vineyards (Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Family Vukoje told the story of “Villa Pergola” remake of the story of the restaurant “Košuta” open more than three decades ago. At the place where “Villa Pergola” is today, there are also stories of wines that today are linked to this family and the list of international awards received by the winery “Vukoje 1982”. In this new eno-gastronomic scenario, guests are given the freedom to print the story of the traditional cuisine of Eastern Herzegovina by choosing, at the basement prices, the top quality wine of the Vukoje 1982 winery and the dishes from the local cuisine of Eastern Herzegovina. By mixing wine and food in this way, the family of Vukoje eno-gastronomy puts it in a different way from what we usually offer, and gives the guest a chance to tell a story that is extraordinary. Within Villa Pergola, there are ten newly built and modernly equipped rooms whose names smell the healing herbicides, leading you to the beginning of the story of Herzegovina, its fragrances and flavors. We opened the door to the first and unique wine galleries at the very top of the best winery in South-East Europe. The facility is a multifunctional type (restaurant, tapas bar, wine shop, lounge) and is designed to respond to all the desires of true hedonists. The best regional chef Vladan Simić is credited for the magic sparked from the kitchen on all three levels of the Wine Gallery.
“Podrumi Vukoje 1982” d.o.o. Trebinje
Hrupjela 28, 89101 Trebinje
• 059/ 270-370
• podrum-vukoje@teol.net
• 4401365330009
• 1832867
3. Winery Brkić (Čitluk)
Kralja Tvrtka 13
88260 Citluk
Tel. (387) 063 320 205
Average price 30€ (Wine bottle of 1 L)
Tel (387) 036 577-328

4.Winery of Carnation vineyards Mostar
Opine 1
88 0000 Mostar
carski mostar
For centuries the unmistakable power of her scent, the power of her face, the purple of her tones. Emporia Vranac

5.Winery Zadro, Domanovići (close to Čapljina town)
Decanter World Wine Awarads 2017
Best Central Eastern European Wine
Domanovići bb, 88305, Domanovići
Tel. (+ 387) 36 822 301
Wine. Godsend. It is not known when a man drank the first glass of wine, but one has surely been considered by God as a gift. Wine you have to drink to break your consciousness, not to quench-Tin Ujević.

http://www.podrumiandrija.com, http://www.agroKlub.com, http://www.brkic.ba
FB: Obiteljski podrum – Family Boutique Winery Brkić

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