3 beauty companies with products of extra quality

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The factory of medicinal products, food supplements and cosmetics Yasenka 1.Yasenka-opened in Vukovar on 29 December 2014. On 6000 square meters there are three modernly equipped departments: Department for production of semi-solid preparations – creams, ointments and gels, Department for production of non-sterile liquid preparations – syrups and liquid food supplements, and Department for production of solid preparations – tablets and capsules. Our top experts in the analytical laboratory for monitoring quality of products continuously control all Yasenka’s preparations in order to be able to guarantee their exceptional quality. Try them and you’ll be amazed! http://www.yasenka.hr
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Dvanaest redarstvenika 2/c
32000 Vukovar, Croatia
T +385 1 3374 024
F +385 1 3374 024
E info@yasenka.hr
MSc Mohamed Radwan Joukhadar, MPharm
Authorized personnel
MSc Mohamed Radwan Joukhadar, MPharm Jasenka Joukhadar, DMD, oral surgeon
T: +385 1 3374 024
F: +385 1 3374 024
yasenka 4
Regija Zagreb
Ana Prkačin, MPharm
Tel: 01/3374 024
Email: ana.prkacin@yasenka.hr

Slavonia Region
Tel: 01/3374 024
Email: marketing@yasenka.hr

Dalmatia Region
Mirela Gudelj Stupalo
Tel: 01/3374 024
Email: mirela.gudelj-stupalo@yasenka.hr

Istria and the Coast
Snježana Rusich
Tel: 01/3374 024
Email: snjezana.rusich@yasenka.hr

skinage COLLAGEN POWDERStop the time
Contains hydrolysed collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.
100g = 155, 50 Croatian Kuna
2. Afrodita Cosmetics-MISSION (Made in Slovenia)
As the leading Slovenian beauty establishment we have consistently met the desires, needs and expectations of end and professional users (cosmetic and hair salons and wellness and spa centres) with high-quality cosmetic products and services for more than 46 years. We build and maintain partner relationships with our consumers as well as all other stakeholders based on trust and reciprocity. We strive for a pleasant working environment and do our best to contribute to the welfare or our local, as well as, the broader community. Our socially responsible stance is reflected by our support for a number of sports, cultural, educational and humanitarian organisations and projects. Being aware of our environmental responsibility, we take particular care to preserve the natural world by continuously striving to improve the environmental aspects of our business operations and with rational use of energy, raw materials and other natural resources.
afrodita 3
afrodita 4
afrodita 5
Afrodita is a synonym for an effective, natural, trustworthy user- and environment-friendly brand.
Kidričeva 54
3250 Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia
phone: +386 3 812 11 60
fax: +386 3 812 11 74
e-mail: info@kozmetika-afrodita.si
• Find Us on Google Maps
afrodita 6
afrodita 7
3. Tinktura (https://tinktura.com/tinctures/) -Made in Croatia
• Tinktura d.o.o.
• Ivanićeva 10, Zagreb
• Malešnica ulica 5/1, Zagreb
• Franje Tuđmana bb, Križevci
• OIB: 31423968290
• VAT ID: HR31423968290
• Tel.00 385 1 3733 563
• info@tinktura.com
• Got any questions?
• Contact us!
• 00 385 1 3733 563
• Mon – Fri 09 – 19 h

• Send us an E-mail
• info@tinktura.com
• Store Tinktura
• Malešnica ulica 5/1
• 10090 Zagreb
• 00 385 1 3733 563

• Mon. – Fri. 9 – 19 h
• Weekend and holydays:
• Closed

Our products are completely natural, innovative, high-performance and safe, and is for those who want to improve their health and in a completely natural way to nourish your face and body. Tincture offers a line of 100% natural liquid supplements – tinctures, balms from medicinal herbs, soap and cold pressed oils. All our products contain natural, herbal ingredients with no artificial preservatives, dyes or fragrances that already speaks volumes about us.
Introduction of HACCP quality control production and ISO certification we pay attention to the health and safety of our customers are our priority. Our products are not tested on animals, they contain natural, mostly herbal ingredients. The development of our products include rigorous selection of ingredients, making sure that when their processing retains the largest share of active ingredients. This ensures maximum efficiency of its products. The solution for the production of articles for general use – cosmetic products (Good Manufacturing Practice) in Croatia norms of cosmetics HRN EN ISO 22716
For develop their products using knowledge, experience, and knowledge of science on nutrition, and activity of plants on health – phytopharmacy i phytomedicine,
tinktura 3
Socially and socially responsible business is part of our culture. We are committed to respecting international conventions in terms of organization of work, especially for the protection of workers. Their employees with fairness, with dignity and respect. We appreciate when our customers want to know more about our products. Praise for our support to move forward, a criticism always accepted as an opportunity to become even better.

Thank you

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