7 best beauty companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dr Pasha 3
1. Gloria-Authentic, unique and natural, Gloria is a natural addition to your beauty.
Gloria Natural Cosmetics has one task, which is to preserve and nurture the woman’s natural beauty and youth. Each product is created as a combination of a number of medicinal ingredients and Immortelle essential oil from Herzegovinian plantations. With various combinations of products, the skin gets deep care and hydration, and it becomes fresh, smooth and soft. https://prirodna.com,
If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Gloria krema
Gloria 3
Gloria maska
Gloria Natural Cosmetics
Put Aluminija bb
88 000 Mostar
+ 387 (0) 36 35 25 92

2. Aya Naturally(https://web.facebook.com/ayanaturally/?_rdc=1&_rdr) , Tel. (387)061 599 030, Handmade natural cosmetics with a wide range of products, Tešanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Aya 2
Aya 3

3. Dr. Pasha (www.drpasha.ba )-Handcrafted Natural Cosmetics,
Address: Bačići, 71 000 Sarajevo, Tel. (387) 33 770-650

Dr Pasha2
Dr.Pasha workshop of natural cosmetics has primarily emerged from the ambition and aspiration to restore the organic skin treatment. Through participation of various connoisseurs of science, chemistry, pharmacy, biology and medicine, we integrated the recipes, fostered the right aspirations and desired effects. The idea for the first Dr.Pasha products – handmade natural soaps – came about spontaneously, nearly by an accident. Using the chemical substances, the originator of natural soaps experienced different changes on the skin. Therefore, a personal trouble, and the use of the traditional recipes, gave rise to a soap from natural ingredients. After its use, the skin condition was greatly improved. And that is how our great story was born

Dr Pasha
Originally, one kind of soap was created, and then, the soaps for different uses and skin problems were made. The soaps, as the first Dr.Pasha brand, immediately found their buyers and their place on market. They gained respect of nature lovers exactly due to their completely natural ingredients. Nowadays, the production process and the hand crafting of Dr.Pasha products, as well as the recognizable appearance inspired by traditional motives of Bosnia and Herzegovina contributes to reunification of human being and nature for the sake of beauty, health and great sensation. All Dr.Pasha products are produced from 100% natural and best quality raw materials from a biological, organic cultivation without any additives, fillings and preservatives, and they are not tested on animals. Nowadays, our assortment of products, boasts 6 different lines: soaps, creams, oils, aromatherapy, baby line and sets with a total of 58 products.
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dr.Pasha d.o.o.

• Bačići 5., 71 000 Sarajevo
• +387 33 872 299
• Fax: +387 33 872 299
• info@drpasha.ba
Tosama d.o.o.

• Vir, Šaranovičeva c. 35, 1230 Domžale
• +386 (0)1 729 0100
• Fax: +386 (0)1 729 0110
• info@tosama.si
Tosama d.o.o.
• Brezovička cesta 21, 10020 Zagreb
• +385 (0)1 654 64 93
• Fax: +385 (0)1 654 54 16
• info@tosama.hr
Mil-Pop d.o.o.
• Ul.8 Marta br.55, 81000 Podgorica, Crna Gora
• +382 20 662 553
• Fax:+382 20 663 166
• iinfo@mil-pop.com
C.S. Natural Trade – Beauty cosmetics
• Doha, Qatar, P.O. BOX: 24037
• +974 3340 4105
• office@cs-natural.com
Intersol Hungary Ltd.
• Hungary, 2143 Kistarcsa Hunyadi str. 16.
• 0630/524-87-88
• megrendeles@intersol.hu

4. Amama natural cosmetics (Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina)-www.amama.ba, Tel. (387) 032 200-150, Metalurg City Center, Školska 10, 72 000 Zenica.( https://web.facebook.com/kozmetikamama/?_rdc=1&_rdr),
Facebook. AMAMA BIH
AMAMA is a qualified brand of luxurious natural cosmetics that accesses care in a caring, gentle and high quality way.
amama 2

5. BeeLuv Cosmetics Brand (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

The BeeLuv collection contains scrubs and body butters, various body creams with beautiful notes of flowers and fruits.BeeLuv products do not contain artificial additives. These are 100% natural products. Each product is made with natural ingredients in order to get the same texture, color and smell.The products are available in dm stores and can be purchased through social networks. https://beeluv.ba/

6. Magictouch Natural Cosmetic (Cazin, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Magic Touch bh brand of natural cosmetics is a combination of nature, knowledge, experience, creative vision and love are the basic ingredients woven into all our facial, body and hair care products.

Member of the Association of Innovators of Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Magic Touch” sugar depilatory paste is a completely natural paste for removing hair on all parts of the body. All ingredients are completely natural. Does not cause any skin reactions. It is suitable for people with sensitive skin, oily and dry skin, the elderly and people who have skin prone to bursting capillaries and varicose veins. It is very gentle on your skin and depilation is a light peeling. The skin remains soft and tender long after depilation.

Owner: Meliha Klopić, Bachelor of Health
Magic Touch is a BiH brand created out of love for nature. The combination of nature, knowledge, experience, creative vision and love are the basic ingredients woven into all of our face, body and hair care products. Each of them contains unique recipes whose basic task is to protect and nourish our skin. I based all Magic Touch natural cosmetics on ingredients such as cold-pressed oils, essential oils, butters, aromatic herbs, salt, sugar, etc., listening carefully to the needs of today’s modern woman, and avoiding the use of chemicals, additives and preservatives in their content. Your skin will get all the care it needs, and you will be satisfied with its beautiful, radiant, hydrated and nourished natural look. By using products that do not contain any harmful ingredients regularly and correctly, you will achieve magically gentle and naturally radiant skin.

WEB SITE: www.magictouch.ba
MAIL: info@magictouch.ba
TEL. (387) 063/522-876



7. Nisar Natural (natural cosmetics)

Our products
do not contain mineral oils
do not contain artificial colors
do not contain ingredients of animal origin

Need advice?
Our certified phytoaromatherapist will give you advice or answer your question:
Send your inquiries to odnisar@age45

NISAR NATURAL’s vision is to get products of maximum therapeutic effect from a clean and healthy environment and untouched nature, which will find a deserved place in every home as a natural source of health.

Cultivation of medicinal plants and production of natural cosmetics
Oteški Battalion Square 2

Address: Trg Oteškog bataljona 2

Phone: +38762969873

Email: odnisar@gmail.com

Our products:

  • Handmade
  • Of the best ingredients
  • Always fresh

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