18 Interesting facts about coffee

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1. According to the legend, Honore de Balzac drank 50 cups of coffee a day. He could stay awake and continue to write. The same number of coffee cups per day is attributed to the French philosopher Voltaire.
2. In 1932, Brazil could not send its athletes to the Los Angeles Olympics. Still, the Brazilians had a creative idea. The ship went with athletes filled with the coffee, and sold it by the way. It is important to say, that Brazil produces 40% of the world’s coffee supply today. Second place is Colombia, while in third place is Vietnam. The US state of Hawaii, is the only country that deals with coffee brewing in the USA.
3. In 1674, women in the UK attempted to ban coffee for all men under the age of 60 in “The Petition of a Woman Against Coffee”, claiming to turn them into “useless corpses” and begin to “trace more than women.”
4. According to the legend, a shepherd from Ethiopia first discovered coffee in the 9th century. He noticed that his goats became hyperactive and crazy by eating this plant. The local monk then made a drink of coffee beans and realized that this drink just kept him awake overnight. That was the first made shovel with coffee.
5. People began to add milk to coffee in the 1600’s, when a French peasant began to propose this practice to his patients.
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6. In the ancient Arab culture, there was only one way that a woman could legally divorce: If her husband does not provide enough coffee.
7. Coffee grows in the shape of berries on the bush – meaning that coffee is, in fact, fruit. Sometimes the wine of coffee beans and pulp is made.
8. The word „coffee“ was derived from the Arabic word “qahhwat al-bun” in Yemen and meant wine, shortened to “qahwa”. When coffee arrived to Turkey, the name became “kahve”, then in the Netherlands “koffie”, and in England coffee … etc. Some historians consider the original word Kaffa, which comes from Ethiopia.
9. The world’s largest coffee drink is in Finland. Consumption is almost 12 kilograms per capita! Or, an average adult drinks 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day.
10. In addition to oil, coffee is the most marketed commodity in the world. It is one of the best-selling commodities on the world market. Global Exchange says, there are 25 million farmers in more than 50 countries around the world, dealing with breeding or coffee processing.
11. There are two types of coffee in the world: Robusta and Arabica. Almost 70% of coffee is Arabica. Robusta is less popular. Robusta is bitter and has twice as much caffeine than Arabica.
12. The coffee tried to banned 5 times throughout history. For the first time in Mecca in 1511, because it stimulated radical thinking. Then in the 16th century in Italy, because it is “Satanic”. Pope Clement VII loved the coffee, abolished the ban and blessed coffee. Then, Murad IV imposed a ban on coffee, and penalties for those who got caught drinking it. The punishment was the following: expel the person and throw it into the sea. 1746 Sweden forbade coffee and mugs, or any other coffee-related facility. In 1777, Frederick of Prussia declared a beer superior to coffee. He thought coffee was wrong drink cause people drink less beer.
13. You can overdo with coffee. You should drink more than 100 cups, and then the amount of caffeine in your body would be deadly.
14. In 2014, the biggest cup of coffee was made in Korea. It had over 3700 gallons.
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15. People who drink coffee often suffer less from Alzheimer’s disease. Also, studies show that more people with caffeine in the blood have fewer chances to get Alzheimer’s disease. Caffeine helps with Diabetes Type 2 and Parkinson’s Disease. Caffeine helps women with skin cancer protection.
16. Coffee breaks down part of the caffeine. Still, the flavor of fried coffee is stronger. That coffee has less caffeine than the least fried coffee.
17. Scientific research says that pure inhalation of coffee aroma acts on the brain by clearing our brain. After you have a cup of coffee, caffeine needs 10 minutes to pass through your veins.
18. There is a “School for Barista” for all people who want to succeed in the work of coffee. This is a two-day course, which, through a lot of practice and complementary theory, adopts the right way to prepare one of the most popular drinks in the world. The waiters and bartenders make a revolution with the bartender course, which is why they want to bring the coffee world closer to everyone and show it as it really is – wonderfully and enriched with the perfect tastes and scents. If you do not know what you would be doing in your life, become a top expert in preparing this favorite drink.


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