Photography Competition 2019: Capturing Movement


26th July 2019

Who may enter
Entrants must not be professional photographers.

The Organiser of the competition is the Royal Society of Biology.

‘Capturing movement’ is the theme of this year’s competition.

Life on Earth is constantly changing, and we invite you to photograph nature in motion.

You might wish to explore the locomotion and migration of animals or the growth and colonisation of plants and fungi. Your photograph could depict the act of flying, hunting, playing and swimming, or the bones, muscles and other biological structures that help perform these actions. We also welcome entries that explore this theme at the cellular or molecular level, illustrating the dynamic world only revealed to us with a microscope.

Each entrant can submit up to three photographs for the competition.

To see past winners, visit

Entry fees
The competition is free to enter.

There are two categories in the competition, each with a cash prize:
• Photographer of the Year (18 and over) – £1,000 top prize
• Young Photographer of the Year (under 18) – £500 top prize

Please visit to learn more about the competition.

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