6 (of 24) Museums of Madame Tussauds in the world

A famous Wax Museum with its headquarters in London (UK) has many branches in all major metropolises in the world. One of the most popular museums in the world has its fans on almost every continent, and is on the list of the most interesting museums in the world.
The history of this museum dates back 200 years ago.The first steps in the creation of this museum were made by Dr. Philippe Curtius and his patron Marie Grosholtz. The fans of the art of their exhibition changed in line with the political scene that then ruled in the country, and they were trying to reflect on the state of the political scene in the country in their exhibitions. A lady from France who is very important for the creation of this museum Marie Grosholtz lived with her family at Dr. Philippe, whom she later became a spouse. In her joint life, she learned to model, and later she takes a great deal of work in the museum and becomes a great master in this business. Life later took her to London where she had the opportunity to open her small museum, which is now owned by the Merlin Entertainments group. Her wax figure is at the very entrance to the London Museum, so you can never miss it. Because of this woman, today’s population has the opportunity to enjoy the many wicked figures that are replicas of famous people.
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All visitors to the famous museums who have never had the opportunity to meet the celebrity’s personality have the opportunity to go by photographs with famous singers, actors, athletes and important people from the public world and history. The most famous faces of the world are gathered in one place, enchanting a number of tourists from all over the world who, if only museums, can at any moment realize the dream they want. Famous museums can be found in the following cities: Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Prague, Vienna, Hollywood, Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Wuhan, Blackpool and Sydney.
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1. Hollywood Wax Museum (www.hollywoodwaxentertainment.com ‎).The VIP Pass is the Best Value in Hollywood! And, you’ll save even more when you show this Coupon at the Box Office. With your discount ticket package, you’ll get to enjoy three classic Hollywood Attractions, all within a few steps of one another on Hollywood Boulevard at Highland Avenue. Snap “selfies” with the stars while getting to know them as an A-list pal at the original Hollywood Wax Museum®, explore record-breaking feats at the Guinness World Records Museum®, AND see oddities from around the world at Ripley’s Believe It or Not!® We’re open 364 days a year (closed only for the Academy Awards) and looking forward to welcoming you! Address: 6767 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028, Tel. (323)462-5991. hollywood@hollywoodwax.com, marcom@kuverapartners.com, attractionshq@kuverapartners.com.
Special offer: Three atractions-one ticket prize.
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2. Amsterdam Madame Tussauds (www.amsterdam.info , http://www.gaudeamus.si, http://www.hollandpass.com )- Madame Tussauds Amsterdam is basically a wax museum, hosting some of the world’s most life-like representations of famous singers, actors, political figures, and historical characters. The museum offers a surreal experience where you can almost touch the past and be close to the titans of the present. For the most part, the most straightforward way for you to get a discount for your Madame Tussaud Amsterdam ticket is to book it online. Making your reservations via the official ticket website for the museum will net you a 25 percent discount right then and there. You just need to fill out the necessary information and you’re done.
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Madame Tussaud in Amsterdam
Be mindful of the date on your ticket, however, since that’s going to affect your experience at the museum. Some of the exhibits might no longer be available for you to see or the discount might no longer be viable. Another great way for you to save on your ticket is through the Madame Tussauds Amsterdam I Amsterdam Card discount. You just need to get an I Amsterdam City Card and you’ll automatically get a sweet discount on your ticket purchase even when you go to the museum and buy it there. The card can also help you save on expenses when visiting other attractions in the city. Here are some travelling to Amsterdam tips; visiting Madame Tussauds Amsterdam might just be one of the most mind-blowing, and yet, affordable experiences available to you, but it’s by no means the only one. There are so many other amazing attractions, events, establishments, and festivities that you can dive into without paying through the nose. Practically everything in Amsterdam can be done cheaper, if you know how to go about it.
For a start, get an I Amsterdam City Card. It will open a lot of doors and save you a lot of money. You should also keep transportation costs in mind at all times. Address: Dam 20, 1012 KW Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Province: North Holland, Tel. (+31) 20 522 1010.
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3. London Madame Tussauds Museum is one of the London’s Top Tourist Attractions (www.londonexplorerpass.com, http://www.visitacity.com )- is a wax museum in London; it has smaller museums in a number of other major cities. It was founded by wax sculptor Marie Tussaud. It used to be spelled as “Madame Tussaud’s”; the apostrophe is no longer used. Madame Tussauds is a major tourist attraction in London, displaying the waxworks of famous and historical figures, as well as popular film and television characters. Marylebone Rd, Marylebone, London NW1 5LR, The United Kingdom. Madame Tussauds celebrity wax museum features stars from cinema, sports, music and other areas. STARDOM awaits you! Step into the spotlight as you accept your exclusive invitation to Madame Tussauds London, the home of famous fun in the capital.
Madame Tussaud’s wax museum became a major tourist attraction in London. Until 2010 it incorporated the London Planetarium in its west wing. A large animated dark ride, The Spirit of London, opened in 1993. Today’s wax figures at Tussauds include historical and royal figures, film stars, sports stars, and famous murderers. It has been known since 2007 as “Madame Tussauds” museums (no apostrophe).
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In July 2008, Madame Tussauds’ Berlin branch became embroiled in controversy when a 41-year-old German man brushed past two guards and decapitated a wax figure depicting Adolf Hitler. This was believed to be an act of protest against showing the ruthless dictator alongside sports heroes, movie stars, and other historical figures. The statue has since been repaired, and the perpetrator has admitted that he attacked the statue to win a bet. The original model of Hitler was unveiled in Madame Tussauds London in April 1933; it was frequently vandalised and a 1936 replacement had to be carefully guarded. In January 2016, the statue of Adolf Hitler was removed from the London museum in response to an open letter sent by a staff writer of The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, followed by significant support for its removal from social media.
The first Madame Tussauds in India opened in New Delhi on 1 December 2017. Its operator, Merlin Entertainments, planned an investment of 50 million pounds over the next 10 years. It features over 50 wax models, including political and entertainment figures such as Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Kim Kardashian, Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Asha Bhosle, Kapil Dev, and Mary Kom.

Entrance Fee: Check the website for updated prices. It said £35 at the door and £29 online. There are other options, including fast entrance and VIP tickets. Step into the spotlight at Madame Tussauds™ London and get up close and personal with more than 250 lifelike wax figures. Book now!
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https://www.madametussauds.com/london/en/, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madame_Tussauds

4. Prague (Muzeum Voskovych Figurin)- Very small museum, from the outside is a bit deceptive. What is in the museum is good to look at but there really isn’t enough in there to make it worth a visit. It’s mainly a wax museum with one small Madame Tussaud’s exhibition within it. It takes under half an hour to get through the whole museum. It does not have many figures, and not all of them look like the real person. Address: Celetna, 555/6, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic. /www.tripadvisor.com l
Madame Tussauds Prague
Local nameWax Museum Prague
LocationPrague, Czechia
An iconic wax museum named after its founder, Marie Tussaud, who made the first figures herself, dates back to the second half of the 18th century. Among the first figures that Marie made were e.g. Voltaire and Benjamin Franklin.
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Today, you can find Madame Tussauds museums all over the world. They display wax doppelgangers of well known historical figures, artists, scientists and philosophers as well as celebrities or movie characters. The visitors are encouraged to pose with their favourite figures and take pictures. The figures are often arranged so that the visitors could join them in a group for a cool picture.

In Prague, you can meet your favorite celebrities such as Taylor Lautner, Will Smith, and Lady Gaga. Some of the floors of this wax museum are dedicated to Czech history, so don’t be surprised if you encounter a Bohemian king Charles IV or the first President of Czechoslovakia, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk.
Opening hours: 10 am – 9 pm daily
Madame Tussauds is part of permanent exposition of Wax Museum in Prague.

Adults: 200 CZK
Children (under 15), students, seniors: 130 CZK
Children (under 3): free
More information and contact
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madame_Tussauds
Official website http://www.waxmuseumprague.cz/
Email: info@waxmuseumprague.cz
Phone: (+420) 224 215 585
Address: 6 Celetná, 11000, Praha

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5. Madame Tussauds Berlin (www.madametussauds.com )- The legendary wax house. Come, visit and rub shoulders with the stars. Visit one of the most iconic and popular Berlin attractions, Madame Tussauds. Free with The BerlinPass.
Address: Unter den Linden 74, 10117 Berlin, Germany, Telephone: (+49) 30 4000460
Working hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday, Friday from 10.00-18.00 hrs,
Saturday and Sunday from 10.00-19.00 hrs. Suggested duration: 1-2 hours.
Berlin’s Madame Tussauds’s Logo:
We Will WOW You. Totally interactive Sets, amazing costumes, exciting music and modern techniques are waiting for you at Madame Tussauds Berlin! Experience your one-of-a-kind WOW moment. The best of Madame Tussauds is about to be yours.

6.Wien (www.wien.info )- Madame Tussauds Wien, Address: Riesenradplatz 5, 1020 Wien, Austria, Telephone: (+43) 1 8903366.
Working hours:
Monday-Friday from 10.00-18.00 hrs.
Free entry with the Vienna Pass. More on http://www.viennapass.com
Museums locations



• Beijing, China
• Chongqing, China
• Shanghai, China
• Wuhan, China
• Hong Kong
• New Delhi, India
• Tokyo, Japan
• Singapore
• Bangkok, Thailand
• Amsterdam, Netherlands
• Berlin, Germany
• Blackpool, United Kingdom
• Istanbul, Turkey
• London, United Kingdom
• Prague, Czech Republic
• Vienna, Austria
North America
• Hollywood, United States
• Las Vegas, United States
• Nashville, United States
• New York City, United States
• Orlando, United States
• San Francisco, United States
• Washington, D.C., United States
Sydney, Australia

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