Rose and Orange Oil can be used for various purposes (from cosmetic to health benefits)

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Rose oil is used for its color and scent

Rose, which belongs to the Rosaceae family, is considered a “flower queen” for thousands of years. It has a strong scent that improves mood and positively affects on the human health. The legend says that “the rose, before it came to Earth, grew up in the garden of paradise – without thorns.” After the first human being was out of paradise, the rose was given the thorns, to be warned of all the other people on Earth. The beauty of this flower and the enchanting scent remained as reminders of the lost paradise.
Rose essential oil, or rose oil, has the highest vibrational (energy) frequency. With discomfort or some other form of application, it can raise the level of body energy and improve the physical balance of the human body. The smell of this flower can awaken the deepest feelings, even in the toughest heart. Rose is a delicate flower, which requires a lot of care and attention to breeding. It has a peculiar and envious smell. That’s why rose essential oil is a favorite product around the world.
Rose oil (essential) is obtained by steam distillation of freshly picked roses. For one bottle of oil (5 ml) it is necessary to collect 12,000 rose flowers. The oils needed to produce oil are harvested early in the morning. They must be used for distillation within 24 hours.
Rose oil has been used since ancient times, primarily because of its color and odor. It looks more natural on the face than any other modern product. Remove the petals of rose petals until they begin to crush the juice. Tease them on your face or lips. Used as an aroma in lamps and diffusers. It can be used for massage, throat and mouth cavities. It is supplied in baths, shampoos or body and face care products. It cures infections. It alleviates the condition of people suffering from fever. It is related to inflammation caused by microbes, toxic substances and dehydration. It has a positive effect on rheumatism, arthritis and gout.
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The benefits of rose oil are as follows (as research shows):

•Wounding prevents further infection
• It acts as a shield that refuses any form of virus
• Helps with cramps in the bowels and muscles, and problems with the dissecting organs
• Helps for convulsion and muscle gain
• Boosts libido and improves love life
• Reduces symptoms of erectile dysfunction
• Strengthens the right and hair root. It helps in tonsillitis and muscle, bowel and vascular contractions
• Reduces wrinkles and reduces the risk of hair loss and tooth loss
• Stops bleeding in wounds and wounds caused.
• It is recommended for people who have internal or external bleeding caused by injury or after surgery.
• Helps with diarrhea and food poisoning and other diseases caused by bacteria.
• Helps in internal infections (colon, stomach or urinary tract) and is used to treat external infections (on skin, eyes and ears).
• Applying rose oil quickly disappears or pale scars, skin burns, strokes, acne scars, as well as those obtained after surgery.
• Because of its antioxidant effect, this oil accelerates the skin’s curing process. It gives a glow and freshness, and keeps its youthful appearance.
• Helps neutralize and eliminate toxins from the body. Neutralizes the action of free radicals and thus reduces the possibility of many diseases.
• Improves liver function, making the body stronger and strengthening its function of cleansing the body.
Rose oil acts stimulatively on hormones responsible for the appearance of the period, and is especially useful for girls and women who have an irregular cycle. It lowers cramps, nausea and fatigue, as well as pain during the period. It is against vaginal discharge, bleeding and tumors. It maintains the health of women reproductive organs, which are particularly endangered in later years.
• Rose oil helps the function of the abdominal organs and alleviates gastric inflammation. It can prevent stomach upset, and other problems associated with a large amount of acid – heartburn, bad digestion, irritable bowel syndrome, flatulence and gastropods.
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Use rose oil in the following ways:

1.Air diffusion (diffuser) – Rose oil easily scattered in water, or in the air.

2. By inhalation – Add in small amounts to the bath – 1-2 drops are enough (for complete relaxation).

3.Individual application on the skin (massage) -You can use it for massage. Mix it with almond oil in 1: 3 ratio and rub the oil in the skin to stimulate the organs, muscles and skin, and soothe the nerves.
For good energy and vitality, put a little rose oil in the spray. Sprinkle the room.
For the health of the heart, put small amount of rose oil to the heart area and breathe the smell with your hands.
For inner peace and relaxation, massage the oil drop on the reflex points on the feet.
If you’re unhappy and feel bad, put 5 drops of essential rose oil and lavender oil into the diffuser and leave it on the nightstand overnight. In the morning you will wake up refreshed and moody.
If you have skin problems, use a piece of a cotton wool and 1 drop of pure essential oil to acne / apply 3 times daily.
For a gentler effect on the skin, mix the rose oil with coconut oil.
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Skin Serum:
Add 30 g of base oil (olive, coconut oil) 1 drop of rose oil, 2 drops of sandal oil and incense oil. Apply to a clean face before bedtime.

Luxury bath with rose petals:
Mix 1 cup of bitter (epsomic) salt with ½ cup Himalayan salt, ¼ cup bicarbonate, 10 drops of essential oil and add ½ cup of dried rose petals if desired. Store in a hermetically sealed container.

A fragrant oil that relieves the feeling of loneliness:
Mix: 1 drop of oil rose, 2 drops of bergamot oil and 2 drops of incense oil.
Put it in the diffuser and spray it in the air.

It is most commonly used for skin problems, and to achieve emotional balance. There are other benefits that make this oil unique and irreplaceable.
Rose oil enhances self-confidence and mental strength. It relieves depression and anxiety. It has wide application in aromatherapy. It is known that rose oil is a positive thought. It has a relaxing effect, and contributes to the feeling of pleasure, happiness and hope.

Orange oil and numerous benefits

Orange oil is one of the ingredients in many cosmetic products. It contains in lotions, shampoos, acne treatment products, or maintenance of oral hygiene. It contains antibacterial properties. It has a powerful and refreshing scent. Except in cosmetics, orange oil can be used for cleaning the furniture, or the bathroom. Used as a flavor enhancer in many drinks. It works effectively against acne. It can be a powerful aphrodisiac.
Orange is considered to be a powerful antioxidant, which is involved in the fight against free radicals and inflammation, leading to various illnesses.
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The benefits of the orange oil are the following (as the research shows):

• Perfect against tumors,
• Improves circulation,
• Kills bacteria and pathogens,
• Reduces wrinkles,
• Improves ten,
• Reduces anxiety,
• Reduces hypertension,
• Strengthens the immune system.


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