Folk Costumes from Bosnia and Herzegovina

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All culture, folk art and all the customs of a nation are called folklore. Folklore also refers to folk dances, folk costumes and instruments, ie items used in any folklore events. The entire folk heritage preserved by tradition (dances, songs, narratives, proverbs, rumors, puzzles, construction and visual arts) belongs to the folklore of one nation.
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Historically, the folk costume of all peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina is, in fact, a reflection of women’s, men’s and children’s dresses throughout different periods of time. The folk costume of a domestic, domicile population certainly differs from the dressing-up of the governing structures over a certain period of time.
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There is Orthodox, Croatian, Muslim and Jewish folk costumes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can notice the strong influence of oriental dress (dark fabrics, minimal jewelry and unobtrusiveness) on all non-Muslim folk costumes. The 18th-century church legend speaks about the way of dressing a non-Muslim population.
Folk costumes can be divided into male, female and children, within which there are fewer divisions of folk costumes for the house, for outside life, for the street, solemn folk costumes etc. The common feature of all folk costumes is the wealth of ties, fine fabric for making, interesting scales, richness and variety of extra items. It is important to note that the political, religious and historical moments also influenced the variety of folk costumes in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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