Feng Shui principles and pain in the body

2017-08-31 09.17.24
The Feng Shui formula is the principle of ensuring a good flow of energy not only in working life, but also in your body. If you suffer from some chronic illness, there is a great chance that the energy at those places in your home is negative. Feng Shui says that a certain part of the body corresponds to a specific part of your home or work space. Read the following in the text for a list of symptoms and corresponding points that may be critical and should be remedied.
Headaches, head injuries, mental problems, jaundice and the like are associated with the space at the front right of your home (office or work space). Check this area and get rid of the mess.
The mouth and throat organs-problems with the teeth, asthma, disorientation problems are connected to the central part of the right side of your home. These problems can also cause irritation and excessive heating or too much light in this area.
The stomach and the healing organs – problems in the wound or stomach system are reflected in the far right corner of your home. Do not keep the furniture sharp edges, electrical equipment, etc. This area is cleaned regularly if you have problems with emotional close bonds.
The eye-related eye area is located in the most distant central part of the wall opposite to the front door. Dense mirrors, glasses, etc. are reflected in eye problems. If you suffer from glaucoma, conjunctivitis, have a bad eye check regularly and clean this area.
The spine and bone – the ultimate left corner of the home is associated with spine and bone problems. If you suffer from back pain, drowsiness, osteoporosis, etc., check this area and clean up the mess. This area gives the energy and strength to fight with bullies and bullies.
The foot-feet are tied to the central area on the left side of your home, which is related to standing steadily and upright. Plowed plants, excessive heating or mess disrupt the positive energy.
Hands-looking from the front door, the nearest left corner of the home is associated with problems with the hands. Electronic equipment, mess and impurities are causing negative energy in this area.
Ears- Feng Shui says health problems with the ears are related to the wall with the main entrance door. Clean this wall, keep it neat and get rid of all the unnecessary things (excess hangers, cupboards, shelf, etc.).

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