Leather sandals and clogs for summer Helenas.BiH

Helenas 2

Helenas.BiH company from Bosnia and Herzegovina every year delights customers around the world with new models. This renowned company, producing footwear and fashion accessories, has introduced a magazine for the 2019 season. The new models are made of leather and wood. Leather sandals Mia are made in multiple colors: black, nude, red smooth and pink blush nubuck leather. The height of the heel is 8.5 cm, which gives the foot a pleasant slope from the heel to the fingers. Belt ankles emphasize the elegance and femininity of the sandal model.
Helenas.BiH’s models are first of all feminine and elegant. Like sandals, for the summer are popular clogs, made in modern mettalic variants of silver and gold, and in pastel blue and purple skin.
Footwear made from leather that is attached is more comfortable and healthier, because it allows for proper foot ventilation. You can also buy models for wide-footed people. The combination of leather and wood is a great choice.
All models of sandals and shoes can be combined with other fashion accessories from Helenas.BiH (Bags, Bags, .. etc).
Helenas 3
Helenas 4
More details about Helenas.BiH can be obtained via Facebook and Instagram pages.

helenas 5

Showroom Helenas.BiH is located in the Bigeste Hotel (city of Ljubuški).
Contact Phone Number: (387) 039 833 455.
Email address: helenas.bih@gmail.com

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