5 trendy fabrics that are always trendy, elegant and chic

Each outfit and any garment with these types of fabric always looks stylish, elegant and chic. We live in the world of fast and dynamic fashion trends, which is virtually impossible to follow because they are changing very fast. It seems that we do not pay attention to the fabrics that make up the clothes. The so-called “fast fashion” has detrimental effects on the environment. More recently, we started to pay attention to the materials the clothes are made of. Natural materials have again become popular.
Natural materials include linen, cotton, silk or lyocell fiber. Mass production of clothing negatively affects the environment. All potential buyers, therefore, need to pay more attention to the labels that are on the clothes we buy. The conclusion is, therefore, that we should make a thoughtful shopping.

Here are 5 trendy fabrics, which are always in fashion, and we are happy to return to them:


The so-called ‘Grandma trend’ always wins famous ladies, Instagram influencers, and high street stores.
Tweed material sounds winterly and a bit old-fashioned. But it seems that this ‘bunny trend’ has won a variety of combinations. After Jennifer Lopez wore a tweed dress, Tweed seemed to start appearing everywhere: from Instagram to the hanger in stores.
J.Lo chose a yellow $ 2,700 Gucci dress, a white Chanel purse and a beige sandals by Stuart Weitzman. The fashion brand ZARA from Spain also offers a wide range of fashion items made from tweed.
Tweed is a high quality fabric made of wool, or a mixture of cotton and wool. Women’s suits, jackets and suits are made from this material. In the offer of high street brands, one can find many beautiful twin blazers and jeans. This clothing always looks very sophisticated and stylish.

A natural fabric that is much more comfortable and durable. The clothes made of organza are more durable. Organza is an extremely fine, thin, silk fabric with a sealed edge, and is great for elegant mugs and blouses in some festive outfits.

Leather pieces are one of the key trends for 2019, and the most popular are leather jackets, skirts or pants that will give each styling a dose of wrinkle and sleekness.

An extremely popular fabric for summer is satin. It can be made of silk, cotton or artificial materials. Currently, they are very trendy satin slip dresses and skirts. This dress is a great choice for various festivities, such as summer weddings.

lan 2
People who do not necessarily follow the trends know that flax pieces are an absolute hit of the season. Flax clothing is an ideal choice for the summer. It is comfortable and easy to carry. Popular high street brands have enriched their collection of flax pieces, which look extraordinarily chic and stylish. Flax is a natural fabric that is more durable. Cloth made of flax is long lasting. It is an eternal classic that does not come out of fashion. We always love wearing flaxy clothing, because it is skillfully resisted by seasonal fluctuations in the fashion world.

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