Every flower for your birthday

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For each month of birth, there is a certain flower. The flower has a certain meaning and describes your personality. The flower has a hidden symbol, which tells when and for which person it may be intended.
January: Snowdrop and carnation

Various colors of carnation have different meanings. Rosy carnation refers to the attraction not to a person, red means “I love you”, white is “pure love”, stripes signify appeasement for unreserved love, while the yellow indicates refusal or disappointment.
The second symbol of January is snowdrop as a symbol of hope and beauty.
February: Violet and primrose

Valentine’s Day is best marked with the flowers that symbolize that moon and signify loyalty and fidelity – violets. And if you do not like it for that purpose, this month is also a moonlight, a flower that is given to people without which you can not imagine life. They’re not just roses for lovers. Once loved ones need more symbolism than fire and red love.
March: Narcissus

Narcissism can be interpreted as unequal love, and this can have different meanings for different people. They are particularly symbolic white narcissus, and the bouquet that is made of them is an excellent gift for everyone born in March.
April: Rutgers and Spaniards

April brings spring and beautiful flowers with it. Truths signify innocence, faithful love and purity. They are an ideal gift for a commissioner because they say “I will never say”. Spaniards are still a April message symbolizing bliss or the best way to say “good-bye”.
May: Lily of the Valley and hawthorn

May flowers are really spectacular. Lily of the Valley symbolize sweetness, goodness and humility, and happiness back. Hawthorn is a promise of hope and extraordinary happiness.
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June: Rose and Honeysuckle

Pink roses symbolize perfect happiness, red mean “I love you” while they are a white sign of purity and new beginnings. But you have to look out for yellow roses because they mark jealousy. The nail hips are also affiliated with love and signify eternal love affiliation.
Srpanj: Lesser Butterfly Orchid and Water lily
The twin is a strong love affair and is ideal for the first love if she was born in July. Lopoč signifies purity and magnificence.
August: Gladiolus and Poppy

Gladiols can be interpreted in a variety of ways, such as recall, calmness, and integrity. Poppy also has different meanings depending on its color. The red poppy signifies pleasure, white consolation, and yellow desire and success.
September: Astra and Morning Glory

These flowers are a sign of spreading love. Astra marks strong love and positivity, and morning glory is a sign of attention dedicated to a very nice person who is always close to you.
October: Neven and Cosmos

Neven is often a sign of optimism and prosperity, while the cosmos suggests a person receives it for the achievement of harmony and consciousness.

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November: Chrysanthemum

This month marks only one flower, but chrysanthemums are happily available in many colors. Make sure you choose the ones that best match your message. Reds are naturally for love, white for pure love, and yellow for love in decline.
December: Mistletoe

Mistletoe is associated with feasts because her symbolism means happiness in the home. When you give your friend or relatives, you want them to just say that you hope they will have a happy and peaceful life together.

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