Feng Shui: 3 plants for love, happiness, and success (in life)

Feng Shui philosophy states that plants are the basis of good energy. In addition to bringing balance and positive, certain plants allegedly bring a certain kind of happiness, they convey the media.

The magical flower of orchids in Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese space-planning skill, is used to find a new love. The orchids in the bedroom, on the nightstand next to the bed or on the window, will also be a wonderful decoration and space.

Feng shui masters believe that bamboo attracts positive energy, success and stability in relation. For more success and money in the house, build three or nine bamboo. The best position (to place them) is the left part of the home that is the most distant from the front door. They are considered by the masterpieces of this Chinese skill.

Golden Ivy
golden ivy
Golden Ivy is a plant that is again responsible for rejecting negative energy. For him, the ideal location is an empty corner in an apartment or home or empty shelves. Feng Shui is otherwise an ancient Chinese skill in arranging space and living in harmony with the environment in which we live, in a way to attract Chi’s positive life force into their homes and their lives to ensure happiness to the whole family and to their offspring.
Photos: http://www.123RF.com , http://www.unsplash.com

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