The First Electrical power station in Sarajevo

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The first electric power station in Sarajevo was built on Hiseti, right next to the River Miljacka. It was the only electrical power station ever built in Sarajevo. Until then, candles and petroles for light purposes were used in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1882, New York has got the first electrical power station in the world. After that, the Austro-Hungarian administration began to think about the introduction of electric lighting in Sarajevo. Building materials are secured. In 1893, works on the construction of an electric power plant (at Hisetima, along with the river Miljacka), began.
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Along with the construction of the power plant, works have been set up to install lighting installations for the main streets, and most important buildings in the city. The electrical power plant was built by the German company “Siemens und Halske” in 1895, 13 years after the construction of the first power station in New York.
The city of Sarajevo received electric lighting on May 1, 1895. The building of the Land Government was the first building to receive electric lighting.
On April 3, 1895, the first electric light test was carried out, when electric lights were burned in Koševska Street, Čemaluša to Ferhadija and Čekrkinica Street. The center consisted of a central station (boiler room and engine room), a headquarters building, a battery station, and a tramway tram at a train station.
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The People’s Hero (from Sarajevo) of the People’s Liberation War (The Second Worl War), Vladimir Perić, thought that the Nazis (upon withdrawal from Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina) would fire the only existing electrical power station. Perić organized a group of illegal people to prevent it. He died on April 6, 1945, on the day of liberation of Sarajevo, defending the only powerhouse in the city.
During the last war/siege in Sarajevo (1992-1995), the first big battle for the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina culminated in Skenderiji in May 1992. At that point, soldiers of the JugoslavNationalArmy (JNA) were stopped by members of the Special Forces of the Police, and the Territorial Defense of BiH (composed of not armed citizens of Sarajevo).
Shoots of automatic weapons, and explosion of artillery grenades were echoed in the center of Sarajevo for hours. Grenades began to fall in the center of Sarajevo. The former electric power station in Skenderia is lit.
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Nowadays, this building is in the same place. Forgotten, abandoned and destroyed.
In front of the building, the only electric power station in Sarajevo, there is a lonely monument to the national hero, who died a few meters from the building.
In 2011, the so-called “Regulatory Plan” was adopted, which foresees the reconstruction of this facility. The plan is designed to be the first Technical Museum in Sarajevo.
The property is owned by the Iris computers company. The state company „Elektroprivreda Bosne i Hercegovine“ had a plan to buy this object from the owner. The Assembly of Canton of Sarajevo was due to confirm the opening of this museum. The money investment would be over 21 million convertible marks. Perhaps too much money is one of the reasons why it was abandoning the reconstruction of this facility.
The Department for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Sarajevo Canton also agrees to the potential reconstruction of this once all-purpose facility.

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