Hida Takayama Contemporary Contest

31st October 2019

Application period: 1-31 October, 2019

Who may enter
The competition is open to artists from all over the world.

The competition is organized by Takayama City, Japan.

Since ancient times, surrounded by forests, Hida Takayama has developed a unique culture for woodblock printing. This style of printing has always been popular in the area and is specifically called “Hida Woodblock Printing.” While passing down traditional techniques, Hida artisans have been creating original pieces of art. In order to promote and let the world know about the culture of Hida Takayama, the Hida Takayama International Contemporary Woodblock- Prints Triennial invites both domestic and international artists to showcase their create new technical innovation and creativity.

Each artist may submit up to two pieces of artwork.

Type of print: woodblock print. If combined with other printing methods, the main element of the artwork must involve woodblock prints. Digital printing is not permitted.

Artwork must have been created after 2017.

To see past winners, visit http://www.city.takayama.lg.jp/_res/projects/default_project/_page_/001/006/777/pic2017.pdf

Entry fees
The initial screening of entries is free.

The second stage of the competition: 2,000 yen per piece of artwork.

• 1st prize: 500,000 yen
• 2nd prize: 300,000 yen
• 3rd prize: 200,000 yen

Please visit http://www.city.takayama.lg.jp/kurashi/1000021/1000118/1006776/1006777.html to learn more about the competition.

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