What can motivate a woman, mother, wife, friend, acquaintance?

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J. C. Friedrich von Schiller, a German poet and philosopher once said: „Without a woman, it would be the beginning of our life without help, the environment without satisfaction and the end without any consolation.“ And he was very right. Without a woman, there would be no life. But women need motivation to be successful mothers, wives, friends, acquaintances, successful in their jobs.
Remember that you can always be what you want. Women need motivation to keep up with their goals, a driving force that with their effort and focused activities – successfully leads to the ultimate goal. Our internal engine called “motivation” lets us go ahead. Be steady and do not stumble across obstacles.
A journey to the goal is a long-lasting, thorny process. Women need to build the power of their own mind and body. Motivation builds up gradually. All people are motivated, but some of them later understand what it is-what motivates them. The most important aspect of motivation is self-confidence. Women need to say to themselves “I can, I want and will.” The key to motivation is good organization and good time management.
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The basic motivation is in the function of survival, ie nutrition and extension of the species. There is external, internal and identificational motivation.

External/Outward motivation: This kind of motivation drives us to get a reward (for the job we are doing or the hobby we are dealing with). Or to avoid punishment. Performing other requests relates to specific relationships, for example teacher-student, parent-child, boss-worker. The good-natured and effective activities we carry out under the influence of authority are built into time in our personality. Communication is then based on co-operation, not on authoritarianism. The outer motivator never threatens or orders. A good external motivator explains „why“ and „how“ we need to do something and give us advice in the process of realizing our tasks / responsibilities.
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Internal motivation: Self-motivation or internal motivation is when we are doing a job that interests us and fills our being when we are effective (and without rewards). The best examples are collectors, model-makers, people who aspire to perfection, and look forward to every legitimate goal. The inner motive becomes an inexhaustible source, a source of ideas when we do the job we love. The American President, Theodor Roosvelt, often said, “Do what you have, wherever you are, with what you have.” There is a link between internal and external motivation. Both types of motivation are intertwined. A good teacher, boss, and trainer will identify good athletes, students or workers, support them and motivate them to continue with their good work in the future.
Identificational motivation: Women in general are thought creatures. They are so inclined to identify with tangible values: responsibility and truthfulness. Permanent values on the reins need to be more effective and efficient, even when our work activity does not bring pleasure. Often satisfaction is a sufficient reward. We helped our dear people, family, friends. We have achieved the goal. Volunteer work helps, nature cleanup, help with elemental disasters, flood protection and similar activities.

Definition and concreteness: The goal we need to define-to achieve it. Good examples are the completion of schooling, diploma, family establishment, and similar wishes/goals. In order to concretize our goals, we can divide them into several smaller goals. A good foundation is a well-made plan. With each new knowledge and skills, women gain self-confidence. They’re getting safer. The goal is realistic. Expand your social activities, be open to communication, be patient with an interviewer, listen to the tips. If there are some features that you do not like about yourself, try consistently to make them correct. Read self-help books, talk to people. Always. Find a pattern or idol and get familirar with that person. Every aspect of the achievement of the goals requires effort-keep this in mind. You will not do anything overnight. The end result is always positive.

What are the sources of motivation?

Try all constructive tips and ideas. Connect with people. Be independent, but talk openly about your problems with your friends, family members or even neighbors. Listen to other people suggestions. Try to be competitive. A sense of success always exacerbates self-confidence. Do not underestimate the praise and rewards. Try to work on your independence the whole of your life time.

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