“Kokology” is a well-known Japanese bestseller. In this besteller, there are the best tests and quizzes that reveal your attitudes about life, love, relationships, work, and the psychological principles that are proven to work.
The test with the cube is the most instructive. Do this test and find out something new about yourself. Tip: Write your answers on the paper.
1. Imagine walking through the desert and seeing the cube.
Give answers to the following questions:
* How big is this cube?
* What material has been made of?
* How far is it from the ground?
2. Imagine ladder near the cube.
* Where are the ladder in relation to the cube?
* What are the ladder made of?
3. Imagine a horse next to a cube and a stick.
* Does the horse have anything on it (sway, saddle)?
What the horse does?
4. Now imagine flowers somewhere in the whole picture.
* How many flowers do you see?
* How many flowers are away from the cubes?
5. Finally, imagine starting a storm.
* How close is the storm near the cube, the ladder, the horses and the flowers?
Are you scared of storms?

The results:
1. The size of the cubes represents the size of your ego.
* Transparency of the cube indicates how open you are to other people.
* If the cube is closer to the ground, you are stiff on the ground.
2. The distance between the cube and the ladder is how close you are to your friends.
* If the ladder on the cube, it means your friends can always rely on you and have your support.
* What is the ladder material’s firmer, you are more closely associated with people in your environment.
3. If you have imagined that a horse is tied, has a hoarse or saddle, it means you love having more control in a love relationship.
* If the horse is more wild, you prefer to be in a love affair in which you have not been drowned in one way or another.
4. What more flowers you imagined, the more kids you want to have.
* What flowers are closer to the cube, the more you think about the children.
5. Storm is a stress. The closer the storm is and the stronger, you are and under stress.

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