Psycho Test that reveals everything about you and your personality

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An interesting and easy-going leisure test. You are in the woods. There’s a way ahead of you. Get a pencil and paper and write down the answers to the following questions. Write the first thing that comes to your mind.
1. Imagine that you are going with a “person” through the woods .. Who is this person?
2. Keep going through the wood and you see the animal. What is this animal?
3. What happens after your gaze is met?
4. Continue by the forests. You go to the meadow where you saw the house from your dreams. How would you describe the size of this house?
5. Is the house of your dreams fenced?
6. Enter the house. You go to the dining room and look at the dining room table. Describe what you see on it and around it.
7. Leave the house through the back door and see the Cup/beaker on the grass. Which material was made of?
8. What would you do with the cup?
9. Come to the end of the yard and see the river there. How deep and long is the river?
10. You have to go ahead. How will you pass over the river?
1. A man who goes by you – the most important person in your life.
2. The size of the imaginary animal – that is, in fact, the size of your problems within your subconscious. The larger is the animal, the more difficult it is for you to live.
3. How you react to an unexpected meeting in the woods – shows the best way to solve your existing problems (aggressive, passive, or escape).
4. The size of the house you saw – this is the size of your ambitions. If this house is too big – it’s possible you have too many expectations of life.
5. If the fence does not exist – you are an open and free person. If the house has a fence – it means you appreciate personal space, and you also expect it from others. That is, you will never enter the personal space of others without permission.
6. If you did not see people, flowers, or food on the table in the dining room, then there is a high probability that you are deeply unhappy. The more things there are, the happier you are.
7. The strength and longevity of the material from which the cup is made shows how strong it is for you to have a person with you walking through the woods.
8. What you do with this cup in your thoughts characterizes your relationship with the man in question number 1.
9. The size of the river – this is the size of your sexual appetite.
10. The “wet” you choose to cross the river, the greater is the importance of sex in your life.
Essential: This test can be done over and over, every few days. Some answers will probably differ from the previous ones. The point is that this test reflects the psychological characteristics of your personality, the psycho-emotional state at a given moment.


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