How Women Are Facing Life Changes

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Through history, it seems to us that men are always more likely to face life changing and new situations. Quickly adapt to a new way of life. In women this adaptation is a bit different. Women always first assess the risks, and step by step strives to adapt to new life situations.
The life flow is controlled, alipostoja situations when we have to make quick and tough decisions, change the environment, move on to an unpredictable way of life.
Women sometimes have a lot of choices available, but often this choice is narrowed or brought to an end. Changes are good and we need to understand that it is best to accept them without much thought.
Women need to look at new life environments as a challenge, to face themselves, with their habits and established rituals, starting with the different, and the confessional zone that is borne by the established life-style routine.
How can women achieve that?
The answer is very simple. Any delay, excessive reflection and indecision lead to a negative development of new life situations. Habits make life easier for us, because we do everything easy and fast. Charles Duhig (Pulitzer Prize winner) is author of the book “Power of Habits”. He says that most of our day-to-day elections seem to be the result of well thought-out decisions. Our choices are, however, habits that over time have a great impact on us, our health, happiness, productivity and material security. There are bad habits (eating poor food, smoking, etc.) and invisible habits (when we provide resistance to new things from our own fears). It is evident that women through history have become stronger and stronger. They are faster and easier to fight when they are threatened by men, other women and children.
Women need courage
It is a true finding: women need greater courage. Where to find inspiration for courage. In ourselves, in our conscience and psychic and small everyday exercises, which can help us become more brave. Most women have more courage than they think they have. Author’s book “How to stop worrying and start living” Dale Carnegy says women must struggle with everyday stress, turn bad habits into good habits. Dale further emphasizes that we must not allow fear and fear to ruin our lives and guide our decisions and life choices. The comfort zone of women is her oasis of mental peace, and at all costs, women are trying to avoid change. This must not be so. If the confessional zone is broken, women have to do everything but just to get rid of that bad comfort zone and start a new life. The most common illness for the 21st century is loneliness. Women feel most comfortable in their living room if they have free time and will do nothing to meet new people, socialize and change their lives. They are frightened of change, they provide resistance and refuse to face new situations. How to expect a new life and a new future. Hard or not. We are returning to the state of mind and psyche again. We have to step in on ourselves and wait for what will happen. We have to be ready to accept all the newspapers that bring us to life.
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Similar to when we accept a cup of coffee. Not a lot of thinking. With joy and optimism. New is good. The new brings happiness, gives us strength and optimism. We become stronger and secure in ourselves. Women must arm themselves with confidence. It will be more likely to win in new life situations and lose less time. Proven through the history.
Courage, patience and perseverance
Rationally we need to decide what we want to change and go step by step. Life does not change overnight. Walk in small steps, but always walk. Do not rest, be decisive. Give yourself time, and remind yourself that the change is good. Speak to yourself about all benefits of change, rejoice. The goal is to encourage life to get better. Replace bad habits with good habits. Step by step. And you’re already halfway to success. It’s just your goal ahead of you.

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