Rose is a powerful plant of the contemporary cosmetic industry

naslovna ruža
“It’s not enough just to live!” the butterfly said.
“We need a little sun, a little freedom and a little flower!” – Hans Cristian Andersen
Rose oil
Rose oil calms and nourishes all skin types. It works anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial. In the contemporary cosmetics industry, it has been used for a long time. Rose oil slowly becomes a daily beauty routine. 4 tons of rose petals are needed for one kilogram of organic rose oil. Rose petals are taken at dawn when the oil concentration is highest. In many cosmetic products rose oil has become a common inspiration.
ruža šampon
slika 11
By biotechnology, stem cells are extracted from roses. Stem cells rejuvenate the skin. Rose is the queen of all flowers. For every toddler, every age, whether you use it in the morning or late evening, the rose gives freshness and youthful glow of skin.
During pregnancy, pregnant women give more attention to body care than before pregnancy. During pregnancy the body changes and needs much more attention. During pregnancy the body is subject to strokes. Strips can be prevented or at least reduced by using a rose oil. Creamy emulsion of oily oil activates the process by which the skin produces fat and moisture, and becomes pink and soft. Oily extracts balance the skin’s lipid body’s supply. Pale skin becomes shiny and gets a brilliant look.

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