Sarajevo hiking tour for beginners

If you are a potential explorer or hiker / beginner, the best hiking tour for you would look like this: Sarajevo settlement Nahorevo-Waterfall Skakavac-Bukovik-Crepoljsko-Čavljak-picnic area Barice-Sedrenik (approx. 20 km) and vice versa.

This is a steady tour of the Sarajevo mountaineers, although it is relatively mild with climbs. One should be aware that it is almost 20km long and is not to be discarded. This tour is ideal for quality hiking beginnings and what many people practice, which is an “active nature vacation”!
The upper road (from Nahorevo to Skakavac) is a gravel road. If you are hiking, you will go uphill for about 7 kilometers to Skakavac Waterfall. Half way through you come across a sign board. The path (lower) leads below the waterfall, and the upper path leads above the waterfall. The lower road goes along the serpentines to the macadam and next to the mountain hut. From the water trough, go left to the marked forest path to Bukovik. If you choose this upper pedestrian path, at the ramp you will come to an intersection: Skakavac Waterfall-Right, Bukovik Right. There are markings along the roads. Keep in mind that the lower road is harder, but the hiking atmosphere is nicer.
Warning: if you are going for the first time, and you do not know the terrain enough, when you reach the top of the waterfall, move carefully along the marked path, as there is a huge chasm just below you.
The mini bus goes to Sarajevo’s Nahorevo (Nahorevo-Park) and Barice (Barice-Park) excursion sites. It is necessary to bring water, food, money and not experiment too much. Keep your clothes light and sneakers waterproof. Bring some water, though (during your hike) you will come across sources of drinking mountain water.
Beginner tip: stick to trails and established paths as well as all signposts.
Here are some ways to get to Skakavac Waterfall:

a) if you are going combined by car on foot:

a1) by car from the direction of Nahorev to the entrance to the Skakavac Park. From there, follow the signs to the waterfall. This is a very short walk / walk.
a2) by car to the mountaineering hut in Crepoljski, and from there on foot to Skakavac and back. There are 15 kilometers of hiking in both directions. How to get to Crepoljski and Skakavac from there, see: :

b) if you are walking only ..

b1) by van to Barice or Sedrenik, then climb to Čavljak, and continue on the way described at: : Back across Nahorevo from where the van for the city drives.
b2) by van to Nahorevo, then on foot to Grasshopper and back. A hard and boring variant.
Recommendation: There is an option to inquire about the mountain hut on Bukovik, and from there on a narrow and overgrown path through the forest, go down to Skakavac. This is an unusual and nice adventure.

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