Disposable Products – use them only once

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Disposable products are made of plastic. Plastics contain the world’s most famous carcinogen – polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This chloride is a chlorine based polymer. This is inexpensive material and is widespread. Plastic bottles, cosmetic boxes, household chemicals and all other disposable containers are made from plastic.
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As time goes on, PVC releases the harmful substance-vinyl. The vinyl from the bottle reaches the plate, then from the plate to the human body. The plastic bursts over time and melts due to heat. This is why plastic is fitted with stabilizers – polystyrene or polypropylene. Plastic is then stronger and more dangerous (for the human body).

Plastic polystyrene (PS) is resistant to cold liquid. If you pour a hot beverage of 70 ° (and above) into it, a harmless glass begins to emit a toxic compound. This compound is deposited in the liver and kidneys due to its regular use. This is how liver cirrhosis occurs. Do not place warm dishes on fragile, polystyrene plates. When heated, these plates release toxic styrene. A polypropylene pan (PP) can withstand a temperature of 100 ° C-140 ° C. This pan is used to heat food in a microwave oven. This container is suitable for alcoholic beverages because polypropylene is resistant to alcoholic solutions. Styrofoam cookware (or foamware) has the same quality. This cookware holds the heat well.
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If you want to distinguish hazardous PVC products from harmless plastic, always look at the mark on the back of the product. At the bottom of the hazardous bottles, conscientious manufacturers put a triangle Δ. Inside this triangle is PVC or the number “3”. The safest way to check for plastic damage is to scratch the bottle with your fingernail. If the plastic is toxic, a white mark will remain on the bottle. The harmless polymer bottle will stay smooth.
If you need disposable accessories, look at the back again. There should be a small sign there: a glass with a fork. This is a guarantee that means that the product is intended to come into contact with food products.

If this product has no symbols, do not buy it. The “PET” mark on the products indicates that the product can be used several times. A number of certificates should be written on the packaging or special support. The production of disposable tableware is subject to mandatory certification. Always pay attention to the production date. If the product is over a year old – do not buy it.
Remember that the safest disposable containers are those made of paper. These containers do not release harmful substances and do not destroy the environment. When wetting, they become unusable, but it is important to us that they are safest for the human body. When it comes to paper jars, the more durable ones are laminated ones that are not white or colorless but have a drawing on them. They are suitable for children’s parties and birthday celebrations.

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