The people of Mongolia — one of the healthiest in the world

mongolija naslovna
Mongolia is a land of vast and vast pastures, untouched nature and nomadic tribes. People live in the “yurt” (home in the form of a tent), like most peoples in Asia. The people of Mongolia are unusually hospitable and hardworking.
The main national dish in Mongolia is the meat of Tibetan cattle. The most famous drink is the “Tibetan Wing”, which is served after every meal.
mongolia 2
The families of the Mongolian tribes are engaged in collecting the plant “sagan daila” (Lat. Rhododendron adamsii). The drink “Tibetan Wing” is made from rhododendron. It is extremely delicious and I restore my lost strength. That is why the people of Mongolia are long-lived and know almost no disease. This beverage has the most powerful energy effect. Increases work ability and stamina.
In addition, this potion does not deplete the body itself. The rhododendron plant is collected at an altitude of 2000 meters. It is located in an area with untouched nature and clean air.
Tea from the Tibetan Wing is beneficial for everyone because it improves blood vessels nutrition, strengthens the body’s resistance and supplies it with the necessary oxygen. It is especially effective in osteochondrosis of the neck and chest. This tea normalizes blood cholesterol and activates the heart. It lowers blood density and normalizes arterial pressure.
rodo 2

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