Old Bosnian houses

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The old houses and courtyards were paved with river (white and colorful) stones. The yards were dazzling with stone and a variety of colors. They made life green with grass, sprouting between those stone surfaces. In the middle of the yard was a stable, while a storage shed was on the side.
The backyard has always represented privacy and privacy. The yard was only entered with the permission of the host. Invited and elected friends and neighbors came in there. There was order and cleanliness in the yard. In the enclosure, coffee was being drunk on a bench under the grapes, and a sweet dish of some fruit was being served, which grew in the yard.
The whole yard was enclosed by a wooden fence. There were small and large doors to enter. The small door was used by the hosts and guests. Large doors were used for horse or ox carts. In the Bosnian courtyards, there was one place under grapes or plums, where they sat during the spring or summer. Men were occupied by work in the field, and women often made coffee and various breaks.
For hundreds of years, the yard has been the so-called “mirror” of the host and the hostess. When a newcomer was visiting someone, he would look in the yard first. If the yard exudes freshness, peace and cleanliness, it was a sign that the hosts are good and honest people. No more yards with 101 planted flowers in the garden.
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Today’s yards are built with concrete or made of stone and iron. All modern home architecture, by its looks, more than appeals to it, as if it wants to tell potential visitors, refuse, you are not desirable.
Still, somewhere there is someone who loves companionship and companionship and does not refuse a traveler, a destination from his yard.
We hope that the younger generations will continue this tradition and have their yards wide open to all purpose travelers.
The Bosnian house with its yard is part of the cultural and historical heritage, which in its original form was endangered by the continuous development of the urban environment. Due to the rapid construction trend, many cultural and historical monuments in Bosnia and Herzegovina today are not sufficiently protected, especially the Bosnian flower gardens.
The Bosnian house with a flower garden is made up of specific plant and architectural elements that, through their spatial alteration, create original ambiences that are recognizable as the traditional garden style of the Bosnian house. These elements have maintained continuity to this day, occurring in many private contemporary gardens. With this in mind, the conclusion is that the Bosnian House is an inexhaustible source of ideas, in shaping green spaces for all purposes.
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It is necessary to emphasize the importance of protecting indigenous plant species and their ancient cultivars, which are characteristic of a Bosnian house with a yard. Their preservation makes the greatest contribution to the protection of the Bosnian House as part of its cultural and historical heritage.
– A harmonious combination of intense flower colors, plant height and light-to-dark ratio has achieved spatial balance in the yard.
– Represented species include: mainly fruit trees, shrubs, climbing plants, seasonal flowers and perennials, flower pots, spices and medicinal herbs.
– The specific appearance of the flowers of the present plant species contributes to the authentic appearance of the Bosnian courtyard.
– Traditional entrance is rarely encountered in the field today, the gate is set sideways in relation to the house. According to the data available today, the patio area in the yards is significant, sofas account for about 40% of the total area.
– The high white wall provides the necessary intimacy of the space and the backdrop that highlights the colorful flowers in the sofas. The cobblestone is important for maintaining high-level backyard hygiene and smooth communication.
– As a garden element with water, a fountain dominates the field today, fountains are quite rare, and backyard fountains are present only in the courtyard of mosques.
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