10 interesting facts about Osaka (the third safest city in the world)

osaka 3
1.Osaka (Japan) deservedly placed fourth according to the annual report of the research service of the British newspaper “The Economist”. The survey covered 140 cities around the world, assessing sustainability, health, culture, environment, education, infrastructure and crime rates. The effects of climate change, for the first time, are also included in the estimates.
2.Osaka is also the third safest city in the world according to the World’s Safest Cities Index, published by the Economist Intelligence unit, consisting of digital, infrastructure, health and personal safety. The list lists 60 cities, and the index sought to capture the concept of “urban resilience”, that is, the ability of cities to absorb shocks and recover from them, the researchers said.
3.Osaka City is the most temperate capital in Japan. This is the center of Japanese gastronomy, comedy, show business and puppet theater (Burnaku), one of the three most famous versions of Japanese traditional theater.
4.Osaka is considered to be the unofficial headquarters of the Japanese Yakuza-Japanese Mafia.
5.Kansai International Airport is located forty kilometers from the city and was built in 1994. This is one of the most modern airports in the world.osaka 2
6. Here is one of the remaining twelve preserved samurai fortresses.
7. The suburb of Osaka (Kobe) is a “small town” known worldwide for its devastating 1995 earthquake when a part was destroyed.
8. Osaka is the regional center of Shin-Kan-sen by train, from where you can travel on day trips to Japan’s sacred Mount Nar, Kioto or Hiroshima.
9. Near Osaka at the foot of the Japanese Alps is Takajama (regional center), Kinosaki-Onsen is located, where you can visit the Japanese spa “Onsen”.
10. The Dotonbori or Broadway of Osaka is a nightlife hub centered by a canal surrounded by solitaries with a plethora of bright advertisements, restaurants, cafes and street vendors / street entertainment.

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