Ashura is a dish that symbolizes togetherness and diversity (9 Sep 2019)

This sweet dish is made from fruits, nuts and cereals. Ashura has a strong symbolic significance. Ashura in Arabic means ‘ten’ (10).
The so-called “Ashura Day” is the tenth day of the month of Muharram. The symbolism of the Ashura is related to the Prophet of God Nuha a.s. This is a specific dish that was served when the Nuh barge landed after the Great Flood.
Food supplies were consumed. At this difficult time, the people of the barge cooked a meal together. Then they selflessly shared that dish. Otherwise, the recommendation of the Messenger of God, Muhammad, is to fast on the 9th and 10th muharrem, or the 10th and 11th day of this month.
Ashura can contain from 7 to 77 foods. It is a custom to share with neighbors and relatives.
Selection of foods in the preparation of Ashura is arbitrary, so you can literally make it “your own”.
The most commonly used are: bony fruits (almonds, nuts, hazelnuts), sunflower seeds, pumpkins, sesame, turkey, wheat, barley, oats, rice; dried fruits: pineapple, apricot, plum, papaya, mango, pear, strawberry. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also used – beetroot, carrot, pear, tangerine, apple, pomegranate, kiwi, pineapple, banana, pumpkin, grape, lemon, grapefruit, parsley, mulberry, currant, peach, raspberry, apricot, cherry, strawberry. ..
From spices: saffron, cinnamon, cloves, chili, coriander, coffee, honey, sugar, salt, bibier, cocoa, carob, ginger, vanilla sugar …
Solid ingredients such as rice and wheat are cooked separately beforehand, and added to the mixture in which bones and fresh fruits and vegetables are cooked.
This dish is cooked for hours, and spices are finally added. Fruits and sweet ingredients are used to the greatest extent, while ingredients with stronger flavors are used in smaller quantities to add to the interesting taste.
asura 2
– It is recommended that the cereals and other foods that are more difficult to cook be cooked the day before and stored in the fridge, leaving the fruits and things cooked easier during the day of the Ashura and boiling them all together.
– Combine all prepared foods in a large bowl, pour sherbet in which the spices were cooked, add more water and sugar as needed to make it more dense than regular compote. Boil it all together again.
If desired, sesame, curry and corriander can be added.
– Cool and pour into containers to divide.

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