Skopje – the capital of The Northern Macedonia

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A visit to Skopje is a good idea if you are in this part of Europe. Skopje is the capital of Northern Macedonia. It is a town on the banks of the river Vardar, a city of statues and extremely accessible and cordial people. It will only take you two days to get an impression of this city.
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Official data say Skopje has a population of more than half a million. According to unofficial rumors, the population is just over one million. There are two ways to experience Skopje depending on your accommodation/location. You will be surprised at the amount of kitsch on the main square. When you get used to the huge monuments and different vendors of everything, the city gets a new version of the charm.
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In the main square there is a statue 22 meters high called “Warrior on a Horse”, or Alexander the Great. During the night, when the lights come on, this statue becomes a real attraction. This is the most striking sight of the city of Skopje. The statues were created as a result of the Skopje 2014 project, which underwent an absolute transformation of the city center, damaged by a severe earthquake in 1963. Various statues were built in the city (statue of the late popular singer Tose Proeski, shopping girls, etc.). Numerous bridges are one of the novelties in the city. The bridges are decorated with statues. The old part of the city is separated by a bridge from the new part of the city. Arriving in the old part of the city, you will feel a completely different atmosphere of some ancient and past times.
There are numerous mosques, fortresses and historical buildings. Here you will have an authentic city experience.
Northern Macedonia is popular for its traditional salty and sweet dishes (burek, yogurt or kajmak kebabs, baklava and various sweets). When you are on a trip, it is always good to explore and taste the gastronomy of the country you are traveling to.
Visit the Drama and Opera buidling and/or Ballet Theater buildings. Please inform yourself in advance of the program, which is available at your arrival. You can take a trip to the surrounding mountains, visit the ski resorts of Pop’s Hat (original Popova kapa) or visit Matka Canyon. Matka Canyon is located 15 kilometers from the center of Skopje and is an ideal place to relax (if you have enough time).
Local buses are the ideal choice of transportation or a proven taxi service (with their cheap rates).
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