MEDICINAL DONKEY MILK (Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina)

donkey 2
Donkey milk is considered the best replacement for human milk because of its medicinal properties.
Donkey milk has been shown to be beneficial for respiratory and immunity problems. It is especially recommended for infants, kindergartens and school-age children.
Donkey milk is used as a substitute for cow’s milk (for children who are allergic to milk). Donkey milk is beneficial for people who have breathing problems and boost immunity. It is especially suitable for babies, infants and young children (eg kindergarten). In its composition, donkey milk is most similar to breast milk but does not cause allergies. It is suitable for healthy intestines because of the large amount of lysozyme called the body’s antibiotic. This milk is especially preferred by children because it is sweeter because of the lactose, that is, the milk sugar it contains.
This milk contains linoleic and linoleic acid, but also omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Minerals from donkey milk are closer to those from breast milk, they have more phosphorus and calcium and less protein. Due to its low protein content, it is suitable for the kidneys as it does not impose a burden on renal function.
Donkey milk contains many vitamins C, A, D, E and F, high amounts of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc.
Donkey milk is used to:
• children with allergies to protein in cow, goat, sheep and soy milk
• improving children’s growth and development
• boosting immunity
• Recovery from viral infections
• cases of frequent pneumonia
• treatment of bronchitis, cough and asthma
• alleviation of osteoporosis
• alleviate chronic fatigue
• dermatological problems
Some sources say that a search of the scientific literature found no human studies to show that any attempt had been made to investigate the effect of donkey milk on human health. Therefore, such claims about the effect of donkey milk on human health have no basis in clinical trials.
The allowed daily dose of donkey milk is one deciliter. Adults may drink it at a time while giving children one deciliter of milk could be three times a day. Donkey milk is not recommended to boil because it destroys all the medicinal ingredients.
If you give it to a baby, warm it up a little by dipping the bottle in hot water. If you freeze milk and then heat it, it will also lose much of its beneficial properties. It is best used fresh.
Donkey milk is not commonly available in supermarkets. You can buy it at private farms and households that breed donkeys. Daily production of donkey milk is minimal, barely 4 dcl of this beneficial fluid can be dispensed daily.
The price of donkey milk ranges from 50 € -150 € per liter. You can also buy it in a deciliter dose for around € 10, depending on the manufacturer. The milk is stored frozen for a maximum of two years. It is thawed at room temperature and heated in hot water at 30-40 ° C.
Contact phones:
Farm: 00 387 61 102 751
Mobile 00 387 61 935 711
Mobile 00 387 61 454 908

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