Igman Air Spa

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14. The Winter Olympic Games were held in 1984 in Sarajevo. Then Mount Igman showed all her beauties to the whole world. This mountain remained a kind of guardian of the Olympic spirit. Igman Mountain is a favorite picnic area during cold and snowy days as well as warm and sunny days. Igman has a healthy, clean and quality air and is called “air spa” because of its microclimate.
Mount Igman is surrounded by the Sarajevo Fields from the east, north and west, while Mount Bjelasnica surrounds it from the south. Igman is a undulating and wooded mountain. It covers the far northeastern part of the 30 km long Bjelasnica Plateau. Igman Mountain is the lowest mountain in Sarajevo built of limestone. It is rich in numerous karst phenomena, hot springs and sinkholes. The mountain is poor with water and sources of natural water. A rare permanent source is the Javornik spring. At the foot of Mount Igman there are numerous karst springs (the source of the river Bosna). Caves are common in the Karst mountains, but Igman Mountain has a small number of caves. One of the few caves on Mount Igman is at the base of the southern slopes. This cave can be lowered by an existing trail. Cattlemen used to use this path to supply drinking water because it collects water.
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Crni vrh is the highest peak on Mount Igman (1646 meters above sea level), Guvno peak has 1612 meters above sea level, Djurino hill has 1533 meters above sea level. The lower known peaks of Mount Igman are: Obješenjak, Javornik, Javor, Raji vrat, Batak hill, etc. The peaks of Igman are overgrown with conifer trees, which sets this mountain apart from the rest. The diverse forests of Mount Igman have remained preserved despite years of forest exploitation. Igman has beech, fir and spruce. At Igman numerous walkways have been turned into picnic areas with wooden cottages and canopies for picnics. The fauna of the mountains is made up of predators (wolves, foxes, bears, feral cats, and rabbits, deer and fluff). There is a diverse bird world on Igman (big black cock, partridges, falcons and owls).

The Igman mountain stands out for two karst phenomena: Veliko and Malo polje. These are typical karstic bays characterized by their low temperatures. The small field is located at 1162 meters above sea level. Two ski slopes were built in Malo Polje, 90 meters and 70 meters. The large field is located at 1190 meters above sea level and is a well-known picnic area. The large field is located in the middle of a deep forest, and because of its high quality and clean air, it has a high attendance throughout the year. During the 14th Winter Olympics, a Nordic skiing competition was held at this venue because the conditions and location are ideal for this type of skiing. There are alpine skiing trails and Nordic disciplines at Igman. The gentle slopes of Igman are ideal for the youngest skiers and beginners. These trails become bike trails during the spring and summer months. Mountaineering Lodge “Igman” offers accommodation, as well as mountaineering house “Javornik” at 1498 meters above sea level, built among conifer trees.
Hunters, cyclists, skiers, hikers, paragliders, alpinists and all lovers of mountain and mountain surroundings visit Igman. There are frequent thermal invasions at Igman due to the harsh climate and low temperatures that can go down to -43 degrees Celsius. The site of Frost is known for its thermal characteristics. In fine weather, the view from the peaks of Mount Igman reaches the nearby Montenegro and the Adriatic Sea. According to an old legend, there was a Monastery on Mount Igman hosted by a wise man named Abbot (Iguman). At the time, the mountain was uninhabited and suitable for anyone seeking solitude. Legend has it that the name of the mountain comes from the host / priest of the Abbot. Due to the intoxicating scent of conifers, traditionally clean air and all its beauties, Mount Igman is a significant destination for sports and mountain tourism in the city of Sarajevo and all over Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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