The healing properties of mineral water vs. plain tap water

Mineral water has medicinal properties but should be drunk in the permitted amounts. You should not drink any type of mineral (medicinal) water if you have digestive tract health problems, heart disease, kidney dysfunction, bile disease and urinary tract requiring surgical treatment. You want to drink mineral water but you are in the early post-operative period and have neurological diseases, then it is best to consult a doctor.
Bottled mineral water, or bottled groundwater for drinking, which is treated to improve quality, can be drunk in unlimited quantities. If natural mineral water is available to you, you may consume it, although it is recommended that you consume this type of water if it contains up to 10 grams of salt per liter.
If the inflammatory processes in the digestive tract are more active, choose mineral water with less mineralization, use small doses of water. If you have chronic gastritis with reduced secretion, choose carbon dioxide and bicarbonate mineral water containing chlorine and sodium ions. In case of increased secretion, select hydrocarbonate and sodium mineral water without organic matter and gases. If you are obese, choose mineral water with a high content of sulfate, chlorine and magnesium.
Diabetics can use mineral water with a high content of zinc, copper and hydrocarbon. Mineral water with higher hydrocarbon content changes the acid-base balance of urine and is used in chronic cystitis to reduce the formation of kidney stones.
Mineral magnesium water reduces stress, affects the bowel motility and helps with constipation. Buy medicinal mineral water in pharmacies in a glass bottle of dark green color, three to four days after bottling, as this is the best way to preserve the medicinal properties of water. The rule states that one glass of mineral water per day (for treatment) is allowed for the first days, ie 50 ml, and gradually increases to 250 ml per day. Treatment with mineral water should last three to six weeks. Prolonged treatment can lead to impaired water and salt metabolism. You can compare the uncontrolled use of mineral water with the use of medicines and pills without consulting your doctor.

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