Be open to life

2018-03-31 10.37.11
You have a family, a career, a full-time job, but you still don’t seem to live your life to the fullest. In all the hassle you spend day after day, suddenly realize that your days, months and years are passing too fast and you have not been able to truly live and experience what you want. Being open to life is not an overnight process. It is a slow process that will ultimately help you live your life, not let life pass you by.
Here are some tips that you should follow and gradually implement throughout life.
Minimize control. Most people are in constant need to control things, their behavior, events, even others around them. Goals, planning, comparisons and expectations make us constantly try to control everything, which is impossible.
Try to indulge in life. Go through a life of open arms and mind, ready to accept whatever life has in store for you. Silence your defense mechanism. The defense mechanism is something we have been building for years, and we create it because of the painful experiences we go through. The biggest problem is that we are not fully aware of this mechanism, so we often reject all experiences that are not what we want at that moment.
If your answer is often negative, ask yourself why you did so. It may not be a negative risk assessment, but rather because you have had a negative experience in the past.
2019-06-27 07.19.18
Condemn less. It seems that condemnation is quite natural for man, but it does more harm to yourself than to others. The more you are astonished at others, the more you will be embedded in your experiences. Therefore, work first to condemn others less and then less to condemn yourself. For starters, get rid of expectations for your closest people and your images of how they should behave. This does not mean that others will not irritate and frustrate you, but that you will learn to channel your anger without trying to change them.
If you do not want to embark on a routine of life but live to the fullest, these tips are for you. The routine at first seems appealing although it just seems like an easier option.

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