5 reasons why women live longer than men in Europe and the world

2019-07-13 08.30.49
Women live longer than men in Europe and other parts of the world. The most important reason is biological predestination. Habits are an important reason, according to numerous scientific studies.
Here are 5 reasons why women generally live longer than men:
Women are stronger in the fetal period
Many studies show that girls have more power in the womb. They are more resistant to infections, develop faster, and are stronger. So from the very beginning, women are more powerful and combative than men.
Women are less at risk than men
The third cause of death for men are injuries in various accidents. Unlike women, men engage in riskier situations that can lead to serious injury. The main culprit for this is the front of the brain, responsible for responsibility and risk assessment, and it develops more slowly in men than in women.
Women are more resistant to heart disease
Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. Heart disease occurs in men at an earlier age – as early as their thirties. In women, however, they appear later for a decade as they are somehow protected by the menstrual cycle. Heart disease is not a threat to women until menopause, when women become more sensitive.
Women have a better social life
Men may have more friends, but women’s friendships are firmer and closer. This means that women are extremely open in their relationships with girlfriends. Men are most often silent and swallowing everything inside. This behavior ultimately reflects on their health.
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Women take care of their health
Women visit the doctor more often than men. Research shows that women are better at preventing various diseases. Unlike men, women sooner realize that it is time to change their lifestyle if they want to be healthy. Women often go for systematic checkups. All this affects the longevity and better health of women.
If we look back to the past, from registering women voters to negotiating rights, women are redefining roles despite resistance from the state, religious institutions, and other women.

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