Basil, citrine and pyrite crystals, oranges, cinnamon and goldfish – all bring prosperity to your home.

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Sometimes life seems unbearable to us because of many unfavorable objective circumstances. American writer Mark Twain wrote that ‘lack of money is the root of all evil’.
Tidiness of home, work space and office attracts wealth
Ancient Chinese skill Feng Shui says to make money come to life, first of all you need cleanliness and order / neatness (home, office, clothing, interpersonal relationships and more). Thoroughly clean your home, workspace, office and vehicle. Arrange the items on the desk, shelves, cabinets and drawers so that their layout is as functional as possible. Clean dirt and discard any unnecessary items.
Show respect for all means of payment
Do not neglect your wallet, backpack, bag, envelope or drawer. We need to respect the money. Try not to bend, crease, or dirty it. If you keep it in your wallet, arrange the notes so that the most valuable ones go forward, in the background the most valuable.
Keep your credit cards upright (facing the front). If you respect money and other means of payment in this simple and convenient way, they will always be available to you. Sort your accounts by separating your paid and unpaid accounts, and sort the two groups by payment due dates.
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Wealth crystals for the prosperity of your home
Crystal citrine has great power to attract money and in general abundance. This crystal is available in many stores and does not need to be cleaned or maintained separately. Keep it in a place where you keep your money, in your wallet, in your drawer, on your desk. Citrine will also boost your confidence, so it’s a good idea to wear it as jewelry. Pyrite is another popular stone that attracts wealth.
Plants for Prosperity at Home
Basil is the most famous plant that attracts prosperity and money. Keep a bowl of rice in the apartment, as it symbolizes fertility and abundance. A jar of oranges, lemons or limes in the house is another item that brings about material progress. Get cinnamon bark or cinnamon powder. Pour 10 dkg of cinnamon into the pan. Keep it in the part of your home where you work or where you store your money. Cinnamon essential oil works even more strongly. Pour a few drops into the scent lamp. Let the scent spread home.
Southeast corner of the home according to Feng Shui philosophy
Every field of life has a corresponding energy center at some point in the home, ”says Feng Shui. The southeast corner of your home and individual rooms is the place that rules your income. Items you place in that part of your home affect your ability to acquire plenty, ”explains Feng Shui.
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Prosperity colors – purple, red and green
Purple, red and green are the colors for maintaining the energy of abundance. Choose how to apply these colors depending on the layout of the furniture in the apartment. If it suits you, hang a picture or tapestry of purple, red and green on that part of the wall.
Put three figurines in that corner, or install three lights in those colors. Place a glass ball into which you inserted purple amethyst, red carneol and green jade. You will most strongly encourage an influx of abundance if you get a lava lamp in these three colors. The colored wax moves in the lava lamps, and according to feng shui, everything is moving to help circulate money in life.
Symbols of prosperity and wealth
In the southeastern part of the home, expose a pot of some money or gold items. A jar with foreign or antique coins will also advance this sector. Place photos or artwork in this part of the home that represents your pursuit of enrichment.
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Stagnant and running water
If you want your career to not change in the near future, or are planning to retire, decorate the career sector with images of stagnant water – sea or lake. If you crave change, equip that space with pictures of running water. Avoid images of turbulent water, waterfall, storm, or solitary lighthouse.
Dark colors for good energy
Dark colors (navy blue, dark green, gray and black) are associated with water. The same goes for asymmetrically shaped objects. Bring fabrics and objects of these colors and shapes into this part of the home to reinforce good energy in your career field, ”says Feng Shui.
Visualize wealth
Imagine yourself living in carefree well-being. Simple mental thumbnails will help you attract plenty. Imagine being able to pay all your bills on time, get important things and services, and still have a lot of money to entertain, to help others, and for your future needs. Feel in the imagination the security, comfort, joy and freedom that money would give you. Try to incorporate these positive feelings into the visualization. If you feel like you are truly experiencing what you are thinking in your mind, your subconscious will find it easier to accept the visualized content.
Items / processes that do not bring prosperity to the home
Some objects and procedures attract wealth, others have the opposite effect.
Abundance is under the auspices of the planet Venus. Venus is a goddess of beauty and charm, so she will not enter a dirty and messy house. Waste piles, clogged passages and dust deposits obstruct the energy of enrichment and progress, so it cannot flow or accumulate in such space.
Do you have broken pipes or faucets in your home and your money could run out. The closer the leak is to the southeast corner of the home, the more adverse the impact will be. Regardless of whether the plumbing is in order, have the taps tightly closed. Also, keep the toilet bowl lid always lowered between uses so that the energy of the money does not escape through the opening. The same goes for bins and trash bags: they must all be closed and strapped.
Repair or remove any defective items or equipment. Remove anything that is defective or inoperative, including watches that show the wrong time, discharged batteries, burned out bulbs, worn clothing. Throw out the faded plants as well.

Pictures or statues depicting nature, buildings or people in a state of dying, demolition or misery interfere with the energy of abundance. If for some reason such artwork is valuable to you, do not expose it to a visible place, but store it indoors, preferably wrapped in opaque paper or cloth.
Our attitudes are strongly influenced by circumstances. Many lack money because they consider wealth to be a sin. This belief is hampered by the influx of prosperity and money. Others are afraid to have money so someone doesn’t take it, that relatives and friends aren’t looking for a loan, or that someone is robbing them. These mental programs are deeply rooted in the subconscious of people. They obstruct people in keeping their money.

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