Donkey Museum (Montenegro and Bulgaria)

In July 2019, the Donkey Museum, the only one in the state of Montenegro and this part of the world, was opened in Martinići (Danilovgrad Municipality, Republic of Montenegro). Namely, the Donkey Farm in Martinići was opened in 2015 by Mr. Darko Saveljić and has since started. The owner of the Farm and Museum wanted to preserve these useful and noble animals from oblivion. In the past, villages had many households where people cultivated land and worked in the fields with the help of donkeys.
The Donkey Farm (40 donkeys) and the Museum are an attraction for all visitors and tourists. The Museum houses tools and tools used for work, such as couplers, carts, samars, plows, so everything that the donkey once put under the burden of hauling.
The farm and museum are popular in Montenegro and all over the world, recommended by world tour guides, Lonely planet, Trip advisor, and recently Ryanair, as one of 11 destinations that tourists can see in and around Podgorica.
The Donkey Museum is unique in the world for the way it pays to enter. Specifically, visitors bring a pound of carrots or apples per person, which they give to donkeys as a treat (instead of paying a ticket).
The Saveljic family is trying to increase the number of donkeys present at the Farm (40 at the Farm, about 150 across the country) for one of the farm’s goals, which is to protect donkeys from extinction.
Medicinal donkey milk is known to be quite healthy, especially for lung disease, cough, bronchitis, asthma. People have the famous ‘whooping cough (or dry cough)’. You happen to do blood tests, lung X-rays, and the findings are good from a medical science point of view, and you still cough, that ‘donkey cough’ is treated exclusively with donkey milk. It is the most expensive milk on the planet, it is very similar to human milk and costs 50 euros per liter.
The price for one donkey is 150-200 Euros.
Museum of the Donkey: Gurkovo (Bulgaria)
Gurkovo is a small Bulgarian town where The Museum dedicated to donkeys was opened in 2005. Here any visitor can see a lot of interesting items.

mago 2
Among other items Museum consists of more than 100 donkey photographs, carriages and accessories.An interesting event which take place every year in Gurkovo is the donkey carriage race, which enjoyed notable popularity during the previous century.
You can see carts and equipment for cutting hooves, prepared donkey and felt hand-woven from combed donkey hair.

Gurkovo and its visitors have the unique chance to experience the donkey carriage race again.
Address: ул. Първи май, 1, 6199 Gurkovo, Bulgaria
Telephon: +359 433 122 60


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