Helmets, body armor, a tombstone, all at Banksy’s high street shop

The store, opened by UK based artist Banksy on October 1st in London, offers, a police helmet disco ball, Union Jack jacket, a cot over which has a bunch of surveillance cameras and a tombstone that says, “You’ve reached your destination.” British street artist Banksy announced on Instagram that he has opened a Gross Social Product store and is launching his own brand of the same name.
A shop that displays various items made by Banksy has only an advertising function. As the artist stated, her door will not open and exhibited items will be available for purchase online.
Gross Social Product, Banksy’s Home Products and this is our first and only store. This showcase is for show purpose and its door will not open. All sales will be made online as soon as the website is launched, ”the author said in a message posted on Instagram.
Banksy is a mysterious artist, provocateur and joker who has changed his perception of street art. His ironic and humorous works against politics, war, capitalism and morality become the subject of hunting for journalists, photographers, vandals, art critics and collectors.
Banksy’s works have been repeatedly sold for six-figure sums.
As explained, the reason for opening the store was legal difficulties. The postcard sales company tried to take legal rights in the name of Banksy, who was advised that the best solution in this situation was to sell the goods under their own brand.
photo: http://www.euronews.com

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