Philately teaches us new cultures and histories of nations around the world

Looking for an idea for a new hobby? Do philately. This way you can learn a lot about life in general, the history of the world, new and old (and some extinct) cultures, and the history of peoples and countries of the world.
Philately is a hobby which means collecting and studying postage and tax stamps, envelopes with stamps and stamps and other postal materials and various paper bills of all countries. The word comes from the Greek language, ie “philos” means friend, and “telos” means exemption because no frank fee is paid. Postal services used to be paid for in cash long ago, and this is what I found to be very impractical. Often there was an inability to charge for the service (postage). The first mark, the so-called “black penny,” was created in 1840 according to the idea of Rowland Hill, who, in order to avoid the problem of non-payment, realized that small receipts for postage were glued to parcels, and so the service was paid by the sender. Ten years later, while part of Austria-Hungary, the first stamp was issued in Croatia.
Initially, the stamps came out in sheets. They had to cut with scissors which was very clumsy.
In 1847 the English Archer invented a perforating machine. This machine allows for easier, manual tearing of the marks that received the teeth at their edges by this process.
Initially, collecting stamps was done by children because philately was considered a frivolous hobby, so there were hardly any philatelists who knew about watermarks or perforation. Philately has made a lot of progress to date. Over one hundred thousand books have been printed on the subject. There are thousands of philatelic clubs around the world. As a result, philately has become a kind of science over time, dealing with the study of the culture and history of a nation or state. It is complementary to other sciences.
The philatelists collect the brands into special albums. Rare copies of postage stamps achieve high market prices.


    • Dear “The Punk Philatelist”,

      Thanks a lot for your positive and inspiring comment. I appreciate it very much. Agreed with you completely. Philately is “dying” slowly but it will always be an extraordinary hobby which connecting all the people all over the world. Wishing you all the best.

      My sincere regards,



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