Books from a junkyard in their own library

Ankara’s Turkish utility workers have noticed that an increasing number of books end up in the landfill. They decided to make their own library. Books are divided into sections – from love novels, crime books, self-help books to children’s picture books. The library has over 4700 books. The books were initially used only by cleanliness workers. It is now open to anyone who wants to come read or borrow a book. All books are rented free of charge for a maximum of two weeks.

The books were supposed to end up in the waste, and we gave them a new life – said Emirati Urtekin, library manager. His colleague, Eraj Jilmaz, publishes books to readers, and points out that they have a positive effect on their work.
Many come to the library and give us voluntary contributions – Urtekin said, adding that some even send books by mail from other cities. There is a canteen and barber shop in the same building so it has become a favorite vacation spot for workers.

Workers also plan to set up a mobile library to visit schools. Specifically, they were contacted by a large number of children whose schools do not have a library or the choice of books in libraries is small.

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