10 tips for how to be wiser

2018-04-08 10.07.53
“Never argue with an idiot – he will bring you down to his level and then tap into your experience later.” ~ George Carlin
Never shoot a man with mud. It may not reach him, and it will remain on your hands. ”~ Dorothy Parker
Never doubt your attraction. Libra often does not tell the truth, people are envious, the mirror is distorted
Do not call those who do not call you. Don’t wait for those who are not waiting for you.
If they told you that your train had passed, remember there are also planes and ships.
Good things start to happen when you move away from negative people.
Wipe out the people in your life who made you cry. Don’t let other people’s actions ruin your inner peace.
Never look back – everything is there without change.
Never compare yourself to others. Do not compare: health, husband, children and salary.
If you do not find anyone equal or better in your life’s journey, continue the journey on your own. No friendship with fools.

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