Decorate your home with Feng Shui tips (for abundance and happiness in New 2020)

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Ancient Chinese skill Feng shui can help tidy up our home and contribute to well-being in the new year to come (2020). Feng shui states that the place for Christmas and other decorations is of the utmost importance as it brings positive events and harmony to our lives and our home.
How and where to put the Christmas tree?
An evergreen tree symbolizes longevity and friendship.
According to certified Feng Shui practitioners, the triangular shape of a New Year’s tree is considered a symbol of “fire” in Feng Shui. The best place for this symbol is in the room that occupies the upper left corner of your house. made up of wood are particularly strong.
Good places for Christmas trees are generally all corners of your home or the central part of your home, where energy will stabilize during this hectic season.
If you have planted the tree to the north, decorate it with glass decorations of blue, white, silver and gold.
How to decorate a home?
Dark green contributes to a positive mood generally in the holiday home decor. There is an excessive amount of fire energy in the home (burning candles, ubiquitous red and decorative lighting) that contributes to the strife and nervousness. Dark green successfully absorbs all shades of red. Evergreen twigs, wreaths, decorations and green tablecloths all balance the energy of the space perfectly.
A photo with three people lined up in one row is extremely unfavorable. In the case of a family of three, they should pose in the form of a triangle, with the highest earner being placed in the upper position.
For a pleasant atmosphere, light the aroma lamp daily with tangerine, orange, lemon or cinnamon oils.
If the tree is in the southwest or northeast part of the home, the decorations in yellow and red tones and lots of ceramic decorations are favorable. White and silver are not recommended.
In order to contribute to a better family connection, it is advisable for each member to place at least one decoration on the Christmas tree, since it also sets their own personal energy.
Wherever you put your Christmas tree, make sure you don’t block the flow of Chi energy through your home.
It must not be positioned at locations that block the flow of Chi energy, through the front entrance, or too close to the door.
You may need to rearrange the space in the room where you place the Christmas tree. If you do, be sure that the furniture will not block the walking area or Chi energy flow. You may want to move some pieces of furniture to another room during the holidays to allow energy to flow freely through the space.
Don’t clutter your living room or family room with decorations and Christmas presents, because then your living space is in even more chaos.
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Do not hold the Christmas tree (according to Feng Shui tips):
– In the hallway or room where it can block the passage
– In an area where it will interfere with Chi energy flow
– Too close to a heat source or fireplace, where it can cause a fire or dry faster (if cut)
Do not avoid glitter decorations. Fire symbolizes fame and reputation. The lights symbolically represent the fire.
– To improve health, keep a Christmas star or other living flowers planted in the ground in the middle of the room.
– Place the decorative angels to the left of the front door. This way, you will provide the help of dear people.
– Put two scented or decorative candles in the right corner (opposite the front door). This way you will ensure a holiday full of love and understanding. The best candle colors are yellow, pink and red.
– Revive your home with fresh colors and pleasant scents.
– Place a decorative mirror behind the flower vase to double the beauty.
– The main luminaires should not be too strong.
Tip plus:
Add pillows or other round objects to help the flow of positive energy. Invite an even number of guests. Let your guests not sit near the door. Whoever sits first to the exit always leaves first. Allow the children to enjoy themselves.

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