Green lily to clean the air in your home

kloroftum za dom
People spend most of their lives in their home. It is important that we create comfortable living conditions in it. Clean air without harmful substances is the basis of health. Chlorophytum can be used to purify the air.
Many indoor plants are not only beautiful “for the eye” but also have a number of useful properties. We grow them to look forward to the greenery of their leaves and beautiful flowers.
Due to these characteristics, they significantly improve the microclimate of our home. One of them is a marvelous chlorophytum or green lily.
Green lily is not a demanding plant. You can hold it in the light or in the shade.
The green lily becomes brighter in light over time. The stripes on his leaves are very decorative. If we keep the plant in the shade, the stripes on the leaves gradually disappear.
Chlorophytum or green lily actively purifies the air in the room. The heat effectively neutralizes substances harmful to the human body, such as phenol, benzene, formaldehyde and others, which in large quantities emit modern finishing materials and chipboard furniture.
It absorbs exhaust gases very effectively. This plant is useful for anyone living on the first and second floor, or a private ground floor.
Green lily actively absorbs carbon monoxide and neutralizes tobacco smoke, and is useful in the kitchen.

This houseplant has a pronounced antimicrobial and antibacterial effect.
Followers of the ancient Chinese Feng Shui doctrine also recommend that we keep this plant in the house.

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