Wool products from the Pešter Plateau

The Pester Plateau (known as Pester) is a karst plateau (1100-1250m above sea level) in southwestern Serbia, southeast of the town of Sjenica. It is suitable for grazing sheep (the area is known for its products made of sand-sheep, cheese and wool). The Pester Plateau also includes the Pestersko Polje (1150m altitude), measuring 63 square kilometers. The Pester Plateau contains sinkholes, the largest of which is Borovštica. The population is made up of Bosniaks and Serbs, and Albanians in the far east of the area (towards Kosovo).
This plateau is a source of peat, which by its biopotential is one of the highest quality peat in Europe and the world. The sheep’s wool from the Pešter Plateau is of exceptional quality. It is a well-known fact that wool is the first textile product used by man.
Carpets, tablecloths, mats, paths and bags are made from the wool of the Pester Plateau. These objects are presented as a symbol for the beginning of something new in any field of life. They are attributed to the miraculous powers of positive energy. This flower still adorns every pedestrian garden today. NGO “Argument” supports the economic empowerment of women in Pester through the sale of Pest wool items. Women handmade and traditional (unique to this area) produce these items in their households.

By buying sandstone wool, you are directly supporting the economic empowerment of women. In this way you become a socially responsible company and person.
Photo: http://www.westserbia.org

You can send your orders by email: bitovik@verat.net; cziupargument@gmail.com

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