Meaning of marks on face creams

09.03.2015 005
Marks on face creams
AA Cream (Anti-Aging) – Anti-aging skin creams, very moisturizing and rich in antioxidants.
AW Cream- Anti-Wrinkles Cream
BB Cream (Beauty Balm) – a beauty balm, a cream that hydrates the skin and reduces irritation, but does not regulate the problem of excessive grease on the face. This type of cream fits all skin types.
CC Cream (Color Control) – creams with this marking smooth out the color, neutralize the irritated areas of the skin and soothe the redness. CC creams make the complexion look fresh because they even out the texture of the skin. You should not use them if you have oily or problematic skin.
DD Cream (Daily Defense) – creams with this mark protect the skin from everyday bad influences, such as the sun, dirt from the air and the like. However, you should not use them daily.
EE Cream (Extra Exfoliation) – These creams are intended for extra exfoliation. They renew your skin by stripping off the surface layer of dead cells, protecting them from the sun and providing additional hydration. If you have thin, sensitive skin, do not use them.

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