Fabrics and materials that prevent sweating

List of fabrics and materials that prevent sweating.
Linen: an extremely comfortable fabric that could be freely called a “fan” among materials. It passes air to your body and thus prevents sweating. It only has one flaw, it easily and quickly gets crowded, but it doesn’t matter in the heat anyway.
Cotton: an unbeatable choice for the hot summer months. One of the most breathable fabrics that exists. It does not retain heat and absorbs moisture from the body and activates its evaporation.
Twill: Most commonly made from cotton or a blend of cotton. It is considered a great summer replacement for denim. If you do not want to give up wearing long pants during the heat, choose twill models because you will feel more comfortable in them.
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Viscose: One of the most popular synthetic fibers. It is made of cellulose fiber residues. In chemical composition, it is very similar to cotton. This is why viscose is comfortable to wear during heat. Cool the body.
Silk: Natural breathable fabric. It is known for its temperature-adjustable so it warms you up during the winter and cools you in the summer. Although it does not promote perspiration, it is thin and soft, so it is easily glued to sweaty skin.
Chiffon: Made of various blends. Made of cotton and silk, it becomes the ideal material for summer wear. It is most commonly used to make dresses and blouses because it is extremely slimming.
Polyester: one of the least comfortable materials that should be avoided during the summer because it does not “breathe” and thus retains heat.

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