Gelender beer is becoming more popular (Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Craft beers have become more popular internationally in recent years. These products are crafted in small breweries. The craft beer recipe is always innovative and creative. The owners of microbreweries use the highest quality ingredients to win over the increasingly competitive market (domestic and foreign).
In 2014, Mr. Goran Hadzic founded a private microbrewery called “Gelender” in Sarajevo. In 2017, he introduces his original products (Gelender beer) to the market. Gelender beer differs (from other types of beer) in the amount of hops. Specifically, the amount of hops in Gelender beer is 10x greater than the industrial type of beer.
There are currently six labels from four different styles in the Gelender range: Nonchalant and Rasta- American pale Ale, Nuit Robust Porter, Vasco da Gama-India Pale Ale, Funk-Session IPA and White-Belgian Witbier.
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Craft beer Gelender is unfiltered, unpasteurized and with no additives. It is 100% made with the natural process.
Gelender beer is available in many restaurants and cafes in Sarajevo. It can be purchased at Bingo Stores, Mercator shops and the Šamon Horeca Shop.
Craft beer Gelender will be available soon in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Serbia.
More info on Gelender is available on:

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